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Lillycover Muilli skin microscope AI analyser for Diagnosis Analysis and Skin Trainer

Posted by Charbax – October 21, 2019

Lillycover Muilli skin microscope with AI analyser offers Diagnosis∙Analysis + Skin Trainer, advice on beauty skin creams and care, serum, lotion, foundation and other products also available customized targetted at each user.

Domiwear 2.8″ Android Smartwatch, 2800mAh with LTE

Posted by Charbax – October 21, 2019

Domiwear shows some really big Smartwatches, larger screens to do more on your wrist, here featuring their 2.8" Android Smartwatch with 2800mAh battery, LTE sim card slot, runs on an MediaTek chipset. They also have a large rounded display smartwatch and a large Apple watch style Smartwatch too.

Remaxlife IoT, Smart Home, pillows, lamps, luggage and much more

Posted by Charbax – October 21, 2019

Wise choice happy life, vehicle ptoduct, personal care, creative life, lighting.

Utopia Power Banks, Fast charge, Wireless, stick-on, compact

Posted by Charbax – October 21, 2019

I first filmed with Li Xing 9 years ago, he also manages the power bank brand Veger you can see my factory tour video in his power bank factory here:

Livall Smart Bicycle Helmet

Posted by Charbax – October 20, 2019

Livall unveils its new Smart Bicycle Helmets with safety features, LED turn signals, calling SOS contacts when fall is detected, audio passthrough and more. This video also features part of CEO press conference event unveiling new product, and interviews with UK distributor and Germany distributor too.

Groove X Lovot Hugging Robot Pet

Posted by Charbax – October 19, 2019

Groove X Lovot from MISSION

Bring out humanity’s full potential through robotics.

Build trust between humanity and robots,
to create companions for more enriched and secure living.

The one and only robot in this universe that heals your heart.... It is possible to be loved as your family, partner, or your loved one,

instead of praised just because of its convenience or functionality. GROOVE X pursues to create a robot that touches your heart.

"Does this advancement benefit human beings?"

Message from the CEO

Has technology made people happy? Without a doubt technology has made our lifestyles affluent and enhanced efficiency in many ways. But if you ask if it has really made human beings happy, I believe you will likely find that not many people can answer “yes” with conviction.

The reason why is that along with technological advances we have seen a growing gap between our plentiful lifestyles and our emotional engagement and sense of satisfaction. Groove X has created LOVOT in order to help bridge that gap.

All the more because technological progress has provided us with an abundance of material possessions, we have become increasingly aware that experiences and memories are more important than objects. LOVOT provides something that previous robots have not been able to deliver. With our world-first innovative robot, we believe we have set a new course and taken the first step towards the creation of a new sense of values in which technology itself facilitates emotional fulfillment and caring. In the kind of society that we have in mind, robots for a new age will be able to make people happy while enhancing their performance.

We Want to Invigorate Japan. The Future Envisaged by GROOVE X
GROOVE X would like to become a catalyst for restoring dynamism to Japan in two ways. First, we believe that a Japanese startup that proves able to join the ranks of global players could help reinvigorate Japanese industry as a whole. A startup that makes it big would also encourage adventurous would-be entrepreneurs to take risks, and thereby accelerate new developments in various fields of industry.

Secondly, it should boost financing—the lifeblood of startups—at the global level. Increasing the number of Japanese startups which can earn foreign exchange and achieve a global presence is an important task.

Promotion of reinvigoration of Japanese industry and the appearance of Japanese startups committed to making their mark in world markets could help restore vitality to Japan. GROOVE X has taken the initial step on that road to renaissance.

ANA shows ShadowRobot Dexterous Hands, Humanoid Robot, Telepresence Robot, Fishing, Forest walking

Posted by Charbax – October 19, 2019

Shadow Dexterous Hand takes a truly anthropomorphic approach to robot manipulation, with 20 actuated degrees of freedom, absolute position and force sensors, and ultra sensitive touch sensors on the fingertips, the hand provides unique capabilities for problems that require the closest approximation of the human hand currently possible.

The Shadow Dexterous Hand uses industry standard interfaces and can be used as a tele-operation tool or mounted on a range of robot arms as part of a robot system.

See the hand in action at

Approximating the kinematics of the human hand was our top priority when developing the Dexterous Hand. The Hand has 20 actuated degrees of freedom and a further 4 under-actuated movements for total of 24 joints. Each joint has a movement range again the same as or very close to that of a human hand, including the thumb and even the flex of the palm for the little finger. A model of the Shadow Hand for use in Blender was developed by Shadow and UPMC and is available from here:

Video-coverage from CEATEC 2019 sponsored by Semiconductor Energy Laboratory, watch my videos with SEL here.

Ellcie Healthy Smart Glass, eye tracking, drowsiness sensor, LED, sound and more

Posted by Charbax – October 19, 2019

Our smart connected frames have been designed to look after you without any discomfort  and look after you everyday. It will evolve thanks to software updates, and you will be able to benefit from new features with the same connected eyewear your purchased. Today our connected eyewear detects drowsiness; tomorrow it will detect falls, and even prevent them, allow activity tracking and a lot more.


The idea is to integrate a number of sensors to the eyeglasses’ frames, send the collected data (physical, physiological or environmental) via smartphone to Artificial Intelligence algorithms to be processed into information and / or predictions on the wearer’s health and  safety. All this being done thanks to a massively adopted object that are the frames of eyeglasses. The Ellcie Healthy frames are divided into two main product categories, the “consumer” frames on the one hand and the “medical devices” frames on the other hand that are subject to stricter regulations in France, Europe and the rest of the world.



Ellcie Healthy’s Smart eyewear is compatible with correcting lenses. Simply go to your optician with your eye doctor’s order to get the lenses adapted to your sight on your Ellcie Healthy smart connected eyewear.


Nothing’s easier ! Ellcie Healthy glasses maintain themselves almost like less sophisticated glasses. You can wash them with wipes soaked in disinfectant, or by wetting a cloth. Be careful not to wash them under water.
For the proper functioning of the glasses and their longevity, we recommend not to leave them in the car in case of hot weather.

Ellcie Healthy is a startup created by Philippe PEYRARD (25 years’ experience in the Optical field) which designs and sells smart connected eyewear. Our technology brings valuable data to individuals in order to protect their health and increase their wellbeing and safety.

Video-coverage from CEATEC 2019 sponsored by Semiconductor Energy Laboratory, watch my videos with SEL here.

TDK at CEATEC 2019, Solid-state battery, Piezo speaker, capacitors, ToF sensor

Posted by Charbax – October 18, 2019

Here introducing TDK products at #CEATEC2019 contributing to the attraction of a happy future society in seven markets, MEMS motion sensors(inertial measurement unit)


Solid-state battery CeraCharge

Motion SensorsIoT

Take a look here at the TDK Group’s abundant product lineup relating to IoT and motion sensors (inertial measurement units).

Piezo Speaker PiezoListen™

Piezo Actuators PiezoHapt™

Ag-stacked Transparent conductive film

MEMS microphone

UltraPrint™ ultrasonic fingerprint sensor

TMR current sensor / Hall sensor

Highly reliable passive components for automotive (capacitor, inductor, varistor)

In-cabin wireless charging pattern coil

Smart Crystal


Take a look here at the TDK Group’s abundant product lineup relating to comfort.

Wearable biosensor Silmee™

Ultra high sensitirity magnetic sensor pT-MR

magnetic sensor

Take a look here at information relating to SilmeeTM and super-high-sensitivity magnetic sensors.

5G array antenna

Micro Point-of-Load(μPOL™) DC-DC Converters

Chip varistor for audio system


Take a look here at the TDK Group’s abundant product lineup relating to 5G.

Film capacitor

Isolated Bi-directional DC-DC Converters EZA series

Programmable Power Supplies GENESYS+series

Film capacitorPower supplies

Take a look here at the TDK Group’s abundant product lineup relating to film capacitors and Power supplies.

TMR angle sensor for motor control

Industrial robots

Take a look here at the TDK Group’s abundant product lineup relating to industrial robots.

Ultrasonic Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor

MEMS motion sensors(inertial measurement unit)

Piezo Haptics PowerHap™

Piezo Switch

Motion SensorsPowerHap™ Actuators

Take a look here at the TDK Group’s abundant product lineup relating to piezo actuators and motion sensors (inertial measurement units).



【MEMS Sensors】



【TDK booth at CEATEC 2019】

Video-coverage from CEATEC 2019 sponsored by Semiconductor Energy Laboratory, watch my videos with SEL here.

E Ink CEATEC 2019 booth tour, Ricoh 42″ white board, Linfiny 13.3″, 10.3″, Ratta Supernote and more

Posted by Charbax – October 17, 2019

Booth tour at E Ink #CEATEC2019, featuring Ricoh 42” Interactive Digital White Board, Linfiny 13.3” / 10.3” eNote, Ratta Supernote 10.3", 7.8”, GDS Bus Signage, 28.3” Bar Display, E Ink JustWrite, E Ink JustPrintIt, E Ink JustTint, Battery Less Tag from Tag makers NJRC, SK Electronics, Takaya, Denso Wave Reader/Writer, Takaya, E Ink Evaluation Kits, 13.3”ACeP, 1.43”, 1.1”, EPSON Display Controller, ACeP (Advanced Color ePaper) 13.3” / 26.6” / 4.3” eBadge, CREA 42” 4pcs Tile Up Signage / 32” Signage.

Video-coverage from CEATEC 2019 sponsored by Semiconductor Energy Laboratory, watch my videos with SEL here.