Aikun 2023 Factory Tour, Interview with the CEO, How to succeed and target quality in Shenzhen China

Posted by – November 1, 2023
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Aikun Factory Tour 2023 in Shenzhen starts at 37:25 We open with Aikun CEO Rami Youssef by highlighting the factory’s remarkable growth and transformation since our last visit, watch my previous Aikun videos in this playlist here:

Aikun is a well-established company with 20 years of industry experience with a rich history in the technology sector, specializing in the production of gaming peripherals

Aikun’s profound passion for technology, with a particular focus on the advantages of being based in China, especially in Shenzhen, a city known for fostering rapid technological advancements. Firmly believing that technology plays an integral role in human progress and that leading a modern life is virtually impossible without it.

Paramount importance of quality in manufacturing. Underscores the significance of upholding high-quality standards throughout the production process. They emphasize the necessity of meticulous supplier selection, ensuring that suppliers’ reputations, quality control systems, and product specifications align with the company’s unwavering commitment to quality.

Navigating the challenge of selecting the right suppliers in a market with varying quality levels, the interviewee reveals Aikun Factory’s rigorous supplier assessment practices, which encompass detailed audits and continuous performance evaluations.

A central theme throughout the interview is the interviewee’s dedication to producing mid and high-level quality products. They express a strong preference for creating products that genuinely add value to consumers’ lives, prioritizing innovation and quality over cost-cutting measures.

Significance of building a quality-focused team and the role of long-term employees in the company’s success, lavishing praise on his team’s dedication and the supportive work environment at Aikun Factory. They emphasize giving team members the freedom to express their ideas and fostering an atmosphere of openness and collaboration.

During a tour of the office, insights into various departments, including the sales team, product design and engineering, and the research and development department. Shares that the company adheres to ISO 9001 standards and holds multiple product patents, showcasing their commitment to excellence and innovation.

Aikun Factory’s recent participation in an international fair and provides a glimpse into their R&D team’s tireless efforts to prepare new product samples for customers, underscoring the company’s dedication to innovation and continuous improvement.

Talking production and design processes takes viewers on a tour of their manufacturing facility, various aspects of their operations, offering insights into their approach to product development and stringent quality control. Showcases the different departments within the facility, underscoring the importance of in-house production and rigorous quality checks.

They emphasize the significance of in-house tooling in controlling costs and maintaining product quality. Behind-the-scenes look at the production processes that have contributed to the company’s success and reputation for top-tier products.

Embarks on an exploration of an industrial powerhouse where technology touches the lives of millions. The immense production scale is truly astonishing, with over 200 million keyboard and mouse units sold, surpassing the populations of entire countries. This expansive operation caters to both home and office settings.

Glimpses of workers expertly loading products onto trucks for shipment. The host underscores how the factory maintains stringent quality control measures to ensure that products consistently meet the highest standards.

Employee wages, emphasizing the significant increase in earnings over the years. It’s underscored that the competitive edge of Shenzhen lies in its robust supply chain and rapid infrastructure development, making it a formidable hub for technology and manufacturing.

The video concludes with a focus on how Shenzhen’s robust infrastructure and supply chain make it an unrivaled hub for technological innovation. The discussion highlights the importance of advanced planning, sound partnerships, and adaptability in a dynamic market.

The host expresses enthusiasm for future products and innovations, promising an exciting journey ahead for the company.

Distributors can contact Aikun here:
Company name : Aikun Electronics Company LTD.
Founded : 2004
Aikun factory Address :
English : A2 building, Ditang Industrial Park, Shajing, Baoan, Shenzhen, China
Chinese : 地址:深圳市宝安区沙井帝堂工业区A2栋
Tel.: (+86) 755 6110 2922 – 6110 2858
Aikun Electronics
CEO : Rami Youssef
Mail :
Sales manager : Allen
CC :
Website :
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1- PC Accessories
2- Pc Gaming “ Accessories
3- Audio “ Bluetooth devices
4- Video “ Camera – Smart Home Projectors “