Unboxing my DJI POCKET 3 at the DJI Store in Huaqiangbei Shenzhen China

Posted by – October 29, 2023
Category: Exclusive videos

So, I couldn’t resist, the 1″ Sensor on Gimbal with 2″ Flippy Pocketable 4K60 to single MicroSD form factor by DJI in DJI POCKET 3 (which I filmed on launch day 3-4 days ago at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxnKYy_cAug), at €580 with the Creator Combo pack including the DJI Mic 2, Battery Add-on and more. The recording quality that I experienced on Launch day here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQPgVcEtzVg it just convinced me, I needed to get one. Even though this costs the same cost of my return flight from Europe to China, I want to video-blog as I did 16+ years ago with my old Sanyo HD1000 in 1080 and before Sanyo HD2 in 720p https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-61_ZZVI6M all the weight saving having this compact 4K60 stabilized setup, is quite appealing. I had the DJI OSMO POCKET 1 also but its sensor quality being a bit too low for me to consider it as any more than my backup camera since 2019 and my second camera when I edited 2 camera angles together, the no depth of field on Pocket 1 an 2 it was like filming with a basic smartphone. While this DJI POCKET 3 I think probably beats all Action Cameras, and it probably also beats the quality of any up to $1500+ Smartphone cameras, also it beats the compact efficiency of many 1″ Sensor mirrorless changeable lens Cameras, probably also seems to be somewhat of a challenge to the massively heavier and bulkier setups of video-blogging using Micro43 (my favourite being upcoming Panasonic G9ii) or APS-C or Full Frame. Who knows, DJI might release later a POCKET with a micro43 sensor.. but here it looks to me they have maximized the quality that can be gotten from a 1″ Sensor at this point when it is stabilised! There are a few things I hope to figure out nicely with my Pocket 3, one is to smoothly focus on a person I interview and to smoothly switch and focus on products they might be showing, so I need to manage Face Tracking on and off smoothly and I hope it has good Phase Detect Autofocus performance going from one to the other. Because it’s not the biggest display, to verify focus sharpness on this 2″ display.. and I am eager to get the following feature updates to it it’s if not already supported:
1. Autonomous Type-C to 5G modem, Type-C to Ethernet to a 5G Modem, for hopefully smooth Live streaming in 4K? 1080p? Directly to YouTube or perhaps to a Live streaming cloud service that also can manage multi-cameras and invited guests when doing multi-person remote live streaming event. I see the Pocket 3 has some Livestreaming functions inside of the DJI Mimo app, I need to look into that, I wonder if it streams footage over WiFi Direct between the Pocket 3 and the Phone and then streams it out using the 4G or 5G modem of the phone. I wonder if it can support just a Type-C cable between the Pocket 3 and the Phone to maximize interference-free quality of the video before it gets steamed out from the phone. A solution for 2+ modem bonding would be great for doubling Live streaming reliability, also with flexible codec that adjusts quality based on detected bandwidth that is available.
2. Redundant recording, I wish DJI would release an SSD or second MicroSD slot at least in a different handle add-on, so to have 1TB for example in the handle and then use the primary MicroSD slot in the Pocket 3 as the backup removable MicroSD storage, while the 1TB SSD handle you could unplug and direcly connect to a Laptop for processing/editing/uploading/backing up of footage. When I film important events I would feel very nervous only having everything recorded to one MicroSD card, what if that MicroSD card fails that would be horrible. I really hope they add redundant recording accessory option somehow, since the accessories plug in to the Type-C port below, hopefully they could support backup recording out to an external storage through that. Maybe that backup recording handle could also include holders to connect both Wireless DJI Mic 2 microphones to it, maybe even used as kind of a Microphone case/charger, because that handle might include extra battery too.

I look forward to publishing more street walking videos with my DJI POCKET 3, if you would like to support my work and to help me pay for my new DJI Pocket 3, please do so you can send me any currency to my Wise or paypal account: charbax@gmail.com or send me a super thanks here thank you!