Kingwear new smartwatches, OLED display, at Hong Kong fair

Posted by – April 27, 2023

Selena, a representative from Kingwear, a manufacturer of smartwatches. Selena introduces their latest model, the Match Watch, which has an animated watch face and a high-resolution OLED display. The watch comes with the “How Will Fit” app, which offers hardware checking, blood oxygen monitoring, and other features. The watch also includes a camera remote control, blood oxygen and heart rate checking, and a sleep mode. Selena explains that Kingwear is an ODM and OEM factory, which means they build brands for their customers. They sell over a million smartwatches per month, and the most popular style currently is the sports-style watch. Selena demonstrates the watch’s features and discusses the materials used in its design. The watch’s battery life is five to seven days, and it has an always-on display functionality. Kingwear is a big design house with four factories in Shenzhen and covers many brands overseas.

filmed at Hong Kong Sourcing Fair Mobile Electronics GlobalSources Spring 2023 in Hong Kong