Unboxing of €100 Xiaomi Watch S3

Posted by – November 5, 2023

Unboxing and review of the Xiami Watch S3, a wallet-friendly SmartWatch priced at approximately €100-€120, catering to users with or without the need for 4G connectivity. The video begins with a meticulous examination of the device’s features and functions.

I highlight one of the watch’s key selling points – a high-quality AMOLED display, offering vibrant visuals. They also introduce the operating system known as Hyper OS, speculating on whether it may have roots in Android, which remains unclear.

As they excitedly attempt to power up the device, an unexpected challenge emerges: the SmartWatch arrives without any initial charge. However, this minor hiccup doesn’t deter the interviewee’s enthusiasm. They delve into the watch’s design, pointing out its interchangeable covers, which allow users to personalize its appearance, adding a layer of individuality to the device.

I then shift focus to a fitness app, which can be downloaded and used in conjunction with the SmartWatch. They proceed to demonstrate the pairing process, shedding light on how the watch can be seamlessly connected to a smartphone.

Exploring the SmartWatch’s functions, offer insights into Hyper OS’s capabilities. It’s mentioned that the watch might not operate on a full-fledged Android system, a potential trade-off for improved power efficiency.

Towards the end of the video, I gaze at the Xiami Watch S3 alongside another Xiaomi product, hinting at the versatility and style the watch offers. Expressing a sense of curiosity and a dedication to delivering the most accurate information, they admit uncertainty about the device’s specific CPU and its expected battery life.

Despite these lingering questions, assures the audience that they will delve into research to uncover more details about the watch’s specifications, ensuring viewers receive the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on this intriguing SmartWatch.