ASRock Rack 128-core Ampere Altra Max Arm mATX at Computex 2023: Servers, Workstations, and More!

Posted by – June 10, 2023

Join Mac from ASRock Rack as he takes you on a tour of their booth at Computex 2023. Specializing in server-related products, ASRock Rack showcases their cutting-edge solutions for various applications.

The ASRock Rack ALTRAD8U-1L2T is set to bring 128 Ampere Altra Max Arm cores to new places in this mATX form factor motherboard.

Explore the Empire Solution, ASRock Rack’s first-born deep micro ATX motherboard, designed to support the Empire Ultra Max with a low TDP and lower cost for data centers. Get a sneak peek at the chassis options being developed to house this powerful solution, whether it’s a server chassis or a desktop chassis.

Witness the wide range of offerings, including Intel and AMD solutions, from motherboards to barebones systems, covering ITX to micro-EDX form factors. ASRock Rack caters to industrial and professional users, providing flexibility and performance.

Discover ASRock Rack’s impressive lineup of servers and workstations, featuring the latest generation Intel solutions for overclocking options and the W 790 and Z690 series. For AMD enthusiasts, explore their motherboard and barebones offerings, including the M5 and N4 models.

Take a look at the versatile 4U and 2U GPU systems, designed to meet the demands of AI, machine learning, and web hosting applications. ASRock Rack’s GPU systems offer scalability and performance, supporting up to 10 GPUs in certain configurations.

In addition to their server solutions, ASRock Rack’s booth showcases gaming boards, liquid cooling solutions, desk mini systems, monitors, and GPUs. Get a glimpse of their latest monitor, the ASRock Monaco, and the sleek design of their gaming boards.

Learn about ASRock’s divisions, including ASRock Industrial, focused on the IPC category, and ASRock Industrial with a focus on industrial products. Explore their partnership with SJ0 and their lineup of industrial solutions.

Computex 2023 marks the return of the premier tech event, and ASRock Rack welcomes you to explore their exciting offerings. Don’t miss out on the future of computing and join us for an unforgettable experience. Stay tuned for more updates from ASRock Rack and Computex!

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