Live with Noctiluca, develops chemical compounds straight from its brand new lab

Posted by – June 8, 2023
Category: Exclusive videos

Noctiluca is the technology company from Toruń, Poland. The company designs, develops and manufactures next-generation emitters for OLED displays. The company’s emitters are chemical compounds in a form of the powder which emit light when exposed to electricity. They are a key component of displays and may be used in many devices such as TVs, laptops, smartphones, wearables, and many other types of consumer electronics.

Currently, the company is working with leaders and pioneers of OLED solutions from Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Germany, Switzerland and the USA, among others. With some of them, Noctiluca has signed contracts, some are already testing the company’s solutions.

In addition to its proprietary emitters, the Company is a chemical Contract Research Organisation. It also offers custom synthesis – the production of chemically advanced patent-free compounds on demand.