Saphlux Quantum Dot Micro-LED, 162″ 4K QD-in-chip micro-LED display and more

Posted by – May 27, 2023
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Chen Chen, CEO of Saphlux Inc, takes us on an exciting journey into the realm of quantum dot innovations. Prepare to be amazed as he introduces the cutting-edge technologies developed by Saphlux that are revolutionizing the display industry.

Chen starts by showcasing Saphlux’s impressive range of micro displays. With a focus on their 0.39 inch micro displays, he explains how these miniature wonders utilize Saphlux’s groundbreaking MBQD (Nano cores with Quantum dots) technology. By harnessing the power of quantum dots, they are able to transform blue displays into vibrant red displays. Chen dives into the details of their NPQD Micro-LED (Micro-LED with Quantum Dots) technology, which enables the creation of quantum dot micro displays, offering a truly immersive visual experience.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Chen reveals that Saphlux is on the verge of rolling out full-color micro displays later this year. He unveils their 6.4 micrometer RGB version, currently in development, as well as the 3.75 micrometer pitch designed specifically for augmented reality (AR) applications. Saphlux’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of display technology is evident, and their commitment to delivering vivid, high-quality visuals is sure to captivate tech enthusiasts worldwide.

Moving on to larger displays, Chen unveils their monumental achievement: the 162-inch 4K QD-in-chip micro-LED display. This remarkable creation is equipped with Saphlux’s revolutionary QD-in-chip micro-LED technology, a breakthrough that has set a new standard for QLED displays, QD-in-chip is made possible by Saphlux’s Nanoporous with Quantum Dot (NPQD). Unlike traditional QLEDs that incorporate a quantum dot film with LCD technology, Saphlux’s innovation places the quantum dots directly inside the micro-LED chips. This groundbreaking approach enables the quantum dot display to emit light directly, resulting in enhanced color gamut, wider viewing angles, and superior uniformity.

Chen proudly announces that the 162-inch 4K direct-emitting QLED display with Leyard Group is not only a remarkable technological feat but also a commercially available product. Saphlux’s fabrication line is capable of producing millions of these chips annually, with the production facility having already passed the ISO 9000 qualification. This means that the future of display technology is here, and Saphlux is at the forefront, ready to meet the demands of customers worldwide.

Delving deeper, Chen discusses Saphlux’s plans to bring their advanced display technology into the realm of augmented reality. By leveraging their expertise in high-efficiency red display development, they are set to introduce the AR display featuring monolithic full-color versions later this year. With these innovations, Saphlux aims to redefine the possibilities of AR, offering immersive experiences with vibrant colors and exceptional visual quality.

Curious about the brightness capabilities of Saphlux’s micro displays? Chen shares the impressive numbers they have achieved through testing. The red micro display can reach a brightness of approximately 1 million nits, while the blue and green counterparts easily exceed 2-3 million nits. These remarkable brightness levels ensure captivating visuals and vivid colors, elevating the viewing experience to unprecedented heights.

As the video progresses, Chen delves into the challenges of combining multiple displays into a single unit. While some loss in brightness or resolution may occur when using optical combiners, Saphlux strives to maintain exceptional display quality. By employing advanced techniques and focusing on high contrast, they ensure that even with the combination of displays, the visual experience remains extraordinary.

Throughout the video, Chen provides valuable insights into Saphlux Inc. The company’s headquarters are based in San Diego, with a team comprising over 100 talented individuals.

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