Nanosys Quantum Dots in QD-OLED, Mini LED LCD TVs, high brightness, better colors at cheaper price

Posted by – May 27, 2023
Category: Exclusive videos

Jeff Yurek, the Head of Marketing at Nanosys, introduces the company as a leading quantum dot company specializing in QLED and quantum dot technology. He highlights their progress since their last video, mentioning the growing popularity of mini LED LCDs and regular LCD business. He discusses their latest innovation, QD OLED, which they are showcasing in collaboration with Samsung Display. He emphasizes that Quantum dots are widely considered the best technology, especially in the TV space.

Jeff demonstrates the capabilities of the Samsung QD OLED TV, highlighting its superior quality in the premium market, including high peak luminance, BT 2020 color gamut coverage, and impressive viewing angles. He explains how the TV utilizes true RGB colors and a white subpixel for enhanced luminance. He also showcases a Sony BVM X300 professional reference monitor, which boasts similar performance to the QD OLED display.

The video further explores Quantum Dot innovations in the micro LED area, discussing quantum dot color conversion for micro LED displays. Jeff mentions a friendly competition at their booth involving the MetaQuest Pro VR headset, which features a mini LED LCD display with Quantum dots, providing vivid colors and high brightness.

Jeff also touches on the benefits of Quantum dots in various products, including gaming monitors, notebooks, and VR displays. He explains how Quantum dots offer wide color gamut, high brightness, and fast response times, making them ideal for mini LED technology with multiple zones. Additionally, he discusses the use of Quantum dots in VR to combat lag and cyber sickness.

The video concludes with discussions on measuring brightness using the HK (Hemholtz-Kohler) colorage effect and the importance of colorfulness in displays. Jeff mentions Nanosys’ partnerships with Vizio and highlights their regular show called “The Display Show” on the Nanosys YouTube channel

Overall, the video provides an overview of Nanosys as a quantum dot company, showcases their latest QD OLED technology, discusses the benefits of Quantum dots in various displays, and highlights their presence at Display Week. Viewers are encouraged to check out the Nanosys YouTube channel for more content related to displays and to explore the HDMI playlist for updates on HDMI technology.

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