Veger Power Bank 2023 Factory Tour

Posted by – May 5, 2023
Category: Exclusive videos

Here’s my latest Tour of the Veger power bank factory with Rachel, the sales manager for the American and Latin American market at Veger Power Bank. She starts by welcoming us to the new factory located in Dongguan by Shenzhen, they moved in in 2021. Rachel informs us that the factory is open to all customers now that the coronavirus pandemic is over.

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The video showcases the latest designs of the power banks that are very fashionable and attractive. The company takes pride in making power banks that are well-loved by popular people. Rachel shares that the company is always working on new designs and ideas, and the ID and hardware engineers are continually coming up with fresh models. She shows us a new power bank model that can charge four power banks simultaneously.

We are then taken to the production line, where Rachel informs us that there are eight production lines on the floor. The batteries go through a series of tests to ensure that their capacity is correct, and the environment is safe for the workers. The company has a strict adherence to environmental standards, and everything follows the environment stickers. The company employs around 200 workers in the factory.

Rachel walks us through the production process, where the batteries are assembled and tested. She shows us the Tesla high-capacity battery that can charge computers at a very fast speed compared to polymer batteries. The factory has a new model for charging computers that is made with a more robust structure than others in the market.

The video also shows us that the workers in the factory are young and have stable jobs. Many of them have been working in the factory for at least three years, and it is like a family to them. The company has workers from different cities and provinces nearby, and they come together to create a quality product.

In conclusion, this video is an excellent insight into the manufacturing process of power banks. Utopian Power Bank Factories takes pride in making fashionable and attractive designs while adhering to strict environmental standards. The company employs around 200 workers, who are passionate about creating a high-quality product that satisfies customers.