faytech Office Tour 2023 – Shenzhen, China (Industrial Touchscreen Manufacturer)

Posted by – May 3, 2023
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This is my first tour at faytech http://www.faytech.com new Shenzhen Headquarters, after 3 years since my last video with faytech (watch all my faytech videos here https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7xXqJFxvYvjgZ-GYRasAn2Tos5CKEXIk) it’s awesome to see where they are at! This is Shenzhen, China, at their new office building, which they moved to because it is more convenient for their employees. Arne Weber, General Manager at faytech, shows us around the entrance of the office building and discusses their optical bonding process, which is their competitive advantage. They show us a kiosk they created for a South African bank that allows customers to self-register and even get their bank card. Arne talks about how they have had incredible growth in the past few years and have hired many new people, including Harrison, who is an expert in the field and will be working on new products. In the video we see Michael, their first-ever employee, who has moved from production to sales, and the speaker walks with him around their sales team. Arne is excited for what’s to come and is grateful to all the people who have joined their company to help them grow.

Faytech specializes in the design and production of embedded products, industrial touchscreen manufacturer. The team consists of product management, design, firmware, and sourcing engineers. They have developed a complete new embedded series in partnership with Amlogic, with a neural processing unit that enables object recognition using artificial intelligence. They also have a shiny outdoor unit that runs on an embedded product with a relay. The team has a fast connection with experience making it easy to work remotely. They operate in real-time on Chinese platforms such as Microsoft Teams. The team has a continuous operation across three different locations, with the Sichuan Suining Factory with a very large production capacity. They were able to redesign some products during the pandemic and gained market share while not suffering from supply chain issues. faytech stands up every day to do better than the competition and provide customers with a good solution for their needs.

Next up, check back for our video filmed at their Huizhou factory!

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