China’s Electronics Market 2023 Huaqiangbei Shenzhen Walk

Posted by – May 1, 2023
Category: Exclusive videos

Walking around the Shenzhen electronics market called Huaqiangbei, the top Chinese electronics market, located in central Shenzhen, the top electronics manufacturing city in the world, this is my first time back here since 2019, filming here to see what’s changed.

I showcase a visit to Huaqiangbei, the biggest electronics market in Shenzhen, China. The video starts with me exploring the market and taking videos of the various components and gadgets available, including micro SD slots, SIM card slots, screws, colorful LEDs while I am on a mission to fix my Samsung S20 Ultra’s broken screens (and swap batteries), so I’m looking for components to and to find someone who can do the repair for as cheap a price as possible. I explain that Huaqiangbei is a one-stop-shop for hardware startups looking to source components for their products during the development process of new hardware projects, The video also shows me interacting with locals, including a kids one who is fixing a toy car and a another playing with a toy gun I also try a famous pointy fruit sold at the market. The video is a fun exploration of the Huaqiangbei market and showcases some of the unique experiences one can have in Shenzhen, China, check back for more!