Fossibot portable power stations, Rigid Smartphones and more at HK Fair

Posted by – April 21, 2023
Category: Exclusive videos

Fossibot shows their new rigid smartphones at Hong Kong Mobile Electronics Show Spring 2023 in Hong Kong The smartphone has an ND4 anti-scratch, waterproof IP6 IIT IP69 rating, and a three-part 5-watt loudspeaker with a sound that is described as very clear. The phone has a battery capacity of 10,600 mAh, and the camera resolution is 24MP. The video also presents other models of the phone, including the F102 and the G99 Octa-core, with better specifications. The video highlights the solar panels and portable power stations with lithium batteries that can be used to charge electronic devices, and it also introduces the F2400 portable power station with a 2048-watt hour lithium battery that has an adjustable output of 300-1100 watts. This product is also equipped with a flashlight and several connectors. The video ends by mentioning that these devices are made in the company’s factory and sold at an affordable price compared to similar items in the market.