Beca Energy Smart Home Thermostats with Google/Alexa, Light Control, Curtains, Plugs, Plant Watering

Posted by – April 21, 2023
Category: Exclusive videos

Jasmin from demonstrates their Room temperature controller for floor heating and central air conditioning. She shows how the device can connect to smartphones and other devices like Google and Alexa. The device connects to heating systems and can be easily programmed to set desired temperatures. It also has energy-saving features and low energy protection. The device can be controlled through a smartphone app, and the minimum order for this product is 300pcs Beca also has other smart home products like devices for controlling lights and curtains, smart plugs, and watering equipment for home plants. They have many other smart home products and are interested in exploring the future of heating with a cheap solution such as for Heat Pump.

Filmed at the Hong Kong Mobile Electronics Fair