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Posted by – April 5, 2023
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Think Silicon, a company that was recently acquired by Applied Materials, specializes in the low-power smartwatch and wearable market. Their expertise lies in the GPU 2D rendering IP and they have developed the Ambiq Apollo 4 product, which uses a Cortex M4 core with a display subsystem made up of Lima Graphics and the Pico XL. This embedded system generates and renders graphics on the smartwatch using their NEMA display controller, resulting in vibrant colors while running at less than 100 MHz with a memory of one megabyte of SRAM and one or two megabytes of MRAM on chip. The company’s focus is on providing elegant, fluid animations on smartwatches with low power consumption to ensure a long battery life of up to 10-12 days. They achieve this by striking a good balance between features, performance, and power consumption. The company powers displays in all segments of the smartwatch market, ranging from feature watches to fitness trackers to high-end segments such as Garmin. They work with chip makers and integrate their IP on the SOC of smartwatches to achieve a cool-looking device with a longer battery life. The company is constantly adding new capabilities to its products, such as AI capabilities on the GPU. (chatgpt description based on auto subtitle)

Think Silicon: Bringing Fluid Graphics to Low-Power Wearables

Think Silicon is a company that specializes in low-power graphics for wearable devices. In this video, Think Silicon CEO, Nikolay Tcholakov, talks about the company’s technology and how it can be used to create fluid and beautiful graphics on low-power devices.

Tcholakov explains that Think Silicon’s technology is based on a custom-designed GPU that is optimized for low-power operation. The GPU is able to render graphics at up to 60 frames per second, even on devices with limited power and memory resources.

Tcholakov also discusses how Think Silicon’s technology can be used to create a variety of different user experiences on wearable devices. For example, the company’s technology can be used to create interactive maps, animated watch faces, and games.

Overall, this video provides a great overview of Think Silicon’s technology and how it can be used to create amazing user experiences on low-power wearable devices.

Here are some additional details about Think Silicon:

Think Silicon was founded in 2011.
Think Silicon is headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Think Silicon has offices in the United States, China, and Japan.
Think Silicon has a team of over 100 employees.
Think Silicon’s customers include some of the world’s leading wearable device manufacturers.
Think Silicon’s technology is used in a variety of wearable devices, including smartwatches, fitness trackers, and smart glasses.
Think Silicon is committed to providing innovative and energy-efficient graphics solutions for wearable devices. (description by Bard based on auto subtitle)

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