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Posted by – April 4, 2023
Category: Exclusive videos

Dan Cauchi, Executive Director for Automotive Grade Linux, talks about their open-source project which aims to create a single platform for the automotive industry by bringing together an ecosystem of companies. This platform will address various vehicle functions in the cockpit, such as infotainment, instrument cluster, telematics, and heads-up display. They are working on several areas of the system, including a virtualization expert group, container and service mesh expert group, and a new graphical environment called Flutter. Dan also discusses the number of car manufacturers that account for around 60% of worldwide automotive vehicles that are part of their membership-driven organization. Many of Toyota’s models, some Mazda and Mercedes-Benz models, and Subaru’s Legacy Outback are known to run Automotive Grade Linux. The main advantage of this project is that it’s a community effort with an economy of scale, allowing many companies to work on the same platform, making it more secure and scalable. (chatgpt description based on auto subtitle)

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