Candera HMI Creation on ST32MP1 at Embedded World 2023 #ew23

Posted by – March 30, 2023
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Candera, experts in embedded software development with a focus on creating tools for embedded HMIs, filmed at Embedded World 2023 in Nuremberg Germany. While they are well known for their work in the automotive industry, they also develop for many other use cases. They pride themselves on being hardware agnostic, but they do support popular chips such as ST. Their showcase includes the S1032 development kit for a medical glucose meter application. They believe that the demand for better-looking HMIs is growing, which is why they have created a beautiful wall to showcase their work. Their demo applications include a fully functional home application with remote control for lights and a cat toy, an industrial oven, a coffee machine that remembers your favourite coffee, and a treadmill running on a Raspberry Pi. Their main business is licensing their tool to customers, who use it to create their own solutions. They offer support for UI/UX design and complete projects, and their tool is priced per developer or floating model, with a small royalty per device shipped. They also have a cluster running on a Renessas RCA 3, which demonstrates impressive performance for 3D modeling and rendering. They’ve had a successful fair, and they welcome discussions with anyone interested in working with them. (chatgpt generated paragraph based on auto subtitle)

With Candera Studio, creating your Human Machine Interface (HMI) becomes even easier.
It is scalable, hardware independent, and highly adjustable: From your first idea to the final product. Your perfect tool kit to effortlessly make your User Interface (UI) for any purpose.
Candera Studio includes ready-to-use HMI controls, automated workflows, integrated State Machines and the Fusion Editor for NoCoding, intuitive visual composition of logic and behaviors.
Together they help you make your HMI come alive – fast and easy.

Why chose Candera Studio?
It’s easy as one-two-three:
1. Design your User Interface with your favorite graphics program
2. Bring your designs to life:
• No programming skills necessary
• Easy Drag & Drop: more space for your creativity
• Highly intuitive: Made with a designer’s mindset in mind
• Sophisticated safety functions, automated workflows, integrated state machines and advanced graphical effects
• Ideal for rapid prototyping

3. Easy integration on any embedded device – from low-end to high-end
High performance
Candera has been providing cutting-edge HMI tools for over 20 years. Our tools contain components for graphics, text, data binding, asset handling and much more.
Now we take the next step, opening up to new markets with our effective NoCoding and WYSIWYG approach:
– Entity Component System: fast, highly flexible HMIs with reduced memory consumption
– Optimized Asset Handling: Accelerated bootup times and generic & remote asset handling
– Scalable Font Handling: Highly adjustable and designed for outstanding text quality & performance
– High performance applications with support for latest graphic APIs & parallel rendering
– future-proven 64-bit support

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