Laura Dekker interview at Linaro Connect, art with AI

Posted by – September 8, 2018

Interview with Laura Dekker ( @lauradekker_io) after her keynote which I live streamed here: (Keynote: Laura Dekker – The Machine as Alien Ethnographer: Advanced Computation, Open Source Systems and Art)

Laura Dekker is a British artist whose work explores the reciprocal roles of technologies in how we experience, make sense of, and construct ourselves and our world.

Her interactive installations combine physical materials, layered video, audio, robotics and machine learning. She aims to engage the viewer-participant with a sensorially rich and provocative experience: virtual objects can intrude into the ‘actual’ world, or objects are activated with a kind of primitive consciousness. There is always a performative aspect – at the point of production, reception, or both.

Before becoming an artist, Laura worked for many years as a research scientist in 3D imaging and artificial intelligence.

Her work is shown internationally at festivals, museums, parkland, historical sites and urban public spaces. She was selected for the Lumen Prize world tour (2014-6), and invited to join pioneering digital women artists in ‘Technology Is Not Neutral’ (2016) and ‘V&A Digital Futures’ (2017).

Laura often works collaboratively with the London-based collective, XAP, a group of artists who combine performance, traditional art media, video and digital installation.