Shirley Gu, CLEARink Asia General Manager

Posted by – July 12, 2018

Sri Peruvemba Executive Board Member and Chair of Marketing for SID interviews Shirley Goode from CLEARInk and a sponsor of SID.

CLEARink demonstrates some new technology at SID Display Week 2018 which you can see in my other video here and the company primarily focuses on 1.32 inch displays for wearables and 9.7 inch screens for e-readers. The company has just managed to increase the resolution of their color screens from 106 DPI to 200 PPI due to a new color filter design.

Currently CLEARink is still experimenting and trying to finalize their product. The VP Marketing Sri Peruvemba says, “We have conducted a few different trials in the LCD mass production factory in Asia. They manufactured TFT arrays, helped us put together the display cells (front plane with our TIR film plus electrophoretic ink with black particles and backplane TFT layer), we built the modules, we have been testing them, tweaking some of the parameters and each trial is producing better output. I know this sounds a bit vague but we monitor lots of different parameters and have many permutations and combinations that are yielding acceptable results so we keep optimizing for the select few that we can deploy in Wearables and eSchoolbook applications.”