I-Zone Winners Announced at Display Week 2018

Posted by – June 17, 2018

The winners of Display Week 2018’s I-Zone Awards are announced live from the exhibition floor.

The I-Zone returned for the seventh year, showcasing live demonstrations of emerging best-in-class display and related technologies that will be integrated into next-generation products.
This year’s “Best Prototype” winner is Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, which developed a 250-pixel-per-inch (ppi) active-matrix field-sequential color-display panel based on electrically suppressed helix ferroelectric liquid crystal (FLC). FLC’s fast response time of 10 microseconds under low voltage of 6.67V/micron enables field sequential color display operation with a 60-Hz frame rate and 360-Hz FLC driving frequency.

Additional honoree awards were given to: Dimenco for its glasses-free 2D to 3D switchable displays, created by applying lenticular lenses on top of an LC display; Hong Kong Jade Bird Display for its active-matrix microLED display with 5,000 pixels per inch and over 1 million nits of brightness; PlayNitride, Inc. for utilizing its PixeLED display technology to build a transparent display with an innovative and unique process to transfer RGB microLEDs onto a pixel; and XTPL SA for its innovative materials process that can print electrodes several hundred times thinner than a human hair, with conductive lines as thin as 100nm.