ADRC shows blue-light-emitting-microLED-on-blue-laser-annealed (BLA)

Posted by – June 17, 2018

Advanced Display Research Center (ADRC) of Korea created a 1,024 pixel blue-light-emitting-microLED-on-blue-laser-annealed (BLA) low-temperature polysilicon thin-film transistor backplane; and demonstrated an active matrix microLEDS (AMLEDs) over 40, 000 cd/m3 and details for the BLA process included.

Filmed at the I-Zone demo and prototype area at SID Display Week, the world’s largest and best exhibition for electronic information display technology.

Display Week’s I-Zone, sponsored by E Ink, is a unique exhibition-within-the-exhibition filled with demos and prototypes from around the world. Every year, dozens of applicants submit their pre-market and emerging products to compete for a free booth where they can share their inventions with buyers, manufacturers, potential partners, industry leaders and thousands of attendees.