Asus Fonepad Note, Intel Atom stylus 6″ 1080p Asus note phone

Posted by – June 3, 2013

Again, here’s Asus working with Intel on a likely overpriced underperforming product that likely is not going to sell much. Hasn’t Asus learnt from the success of its Nexus 7 and previously Transformers to know that success come by using ARM and not doing anything on x86. But anyways, here’s yet another Asus Fonepad that is not a transformer, not sliding a phone into a tablet (concept that nobody wanted), here instead using their spelling mistake at promoting a Galaxy Note competitor on an Intel x86 processor, thus automatically unlikely to sell any more than a third rate market failure. Even the relatively unpopular Asus Transformer line on Nvidia Tegra processors have sold more than all the worlds Intel Ultrabooks combined. Learn the lesson Asus, would you? Go ARM, Go Big, if you still go x86 you go bust. Is Asus a lost cause? Why all the lame waste of time working with Intel? What does Asus get from that partnership? Foes Intel give Asus a rebate on bundling of Intel processors for ranges? Is Johnny Shih comfortable doing such lame Intel x86 deals year after year? Does Johnny Shih never stop up and take action on the always under-performing, always sub-par, always unpopular Intel x86 based solutions? Why does Asus keep working with x86? How many times does Asus have to fail with Intel before they learn the lesson?