ARM keynote at the AMD conference

Posted by – June 17, 2011
Category: AMD, ARM

Jem Davies is ARM Fellow, VP of technology in the Media Processing Division of ARM, he speaks at the AMD Fusion Developer Summit conference. He talks about Power, Heterogeneous computing, Moore’s Law in the next decade, open standards for massive parallel GPU computing and more.

What do you think about ARM speaking at the AMD conference? First step before AMD announcing that they’ll make an ARM processor? Why wouldn’t AMD also make an ARM Processor? Post your opinions about this keynote in the comments. Jem Davies posted this blog post on a few days ago in preparation for his keynote at the AMD conference.

You can watch the full 47-minute official keynote video here: (you have to register with name/email to watch the full flash video)


Let me know if you can find an official video with better sound quality and I will embed it here.