ARM President Tudor Brown video interviewed about ARM history, competitors and the Cambridge culture

Posted by – June 14, 2011
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Check out this awesome video interview with ARM President Tudor Brown conducted by Rob Symes of Campbell Black, hear Tudor Brown talk about how ARM was founded 20 years ago, a sometimes hilarious interview about ARM’s Cambridge British/European technology company attitude:

We assumed it wouldn’t work. That was the nature of our British Cambridge attitude. Here we go again, this would never work. But never mind, it’s fun, let’s make a go of it. And that was kind of the attitude that had been bred into us at Acorn. Many of us had been working at Acorn for many years, we created some great technology, but commercialy it had been a flop. And indeed the first products that were based on ARM, when ARM set out as a separate company, were all flops commercialy. It was a set of sales flops, I can list them:
– the Acorn computers which were really not very successful,
– the Apple Newton which was the first PDA which was the whole raison d’etre for the company that was clearly a flop,
– the 3DO multiplayer first CD based games machine in the world, based on ARM, commercial flop,
– the Sega Dreamcast, games machine, flop
– and so it went on.. we were kind of used to that.
It was a very important point that we were running the company as a bunch of pessimists, very lean and mean, on the basis that we weren’t going to build the company up on the hope of some future growth, we were going to run the company on the basis that what we had today had to last.

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