Hexus.net: (speculation) Tegra3 might launch at Mobile World Congress

Posted by – January 22, 2011
Category: Nvidia, MWC

So what is it? Is it going to be 28nm Quad-core 2Ghz with Nvidia’s Geforce 9 series GPU?

We can only speculate for now. And Hexus.net and soltesza.wordpress.com are doing some speculation on this.

Hexus.net speculates that Tegra3 might launch during Mobile World Congress, that is to be seen. As the event likely is going to be a launch platform for plenty Tegra2 devices, Nvidia might not want to pre-announce Tegra3 too early, as it could maybe be argued it did announce Tegra2 a bit early at CES 2010 compared to when devices are actually shipping nearly a year later using the processor.

One thing to look for in Tegra3 may be faster memory bandwidth, faster memory I/O performance, DDR3 RAM (if that’s not supported in Tegra2?) all of those for smoother multi-tab web browsing performance. As far as I’ve tested using Firefox on Motorola Atrix 4G and Toshiba AC-100 that multi-tab web browsing can cause slow-downs. Tegra3 could use full 1080p@60fps full codecs full bitrates playback (Tegra2 seems to have problems even with smoothness at 1080p@30fps).

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