ARM Cortex A15 is unveiled

Posted by – September 10, 2010

The ARM Eagle platform is to be clalled ARM Cortex A15, targetted to be found in products to ship by 2013, will enable Mobile Computing, Smart phones and Tablets that are to be 10 times more powerful than current ones on the market while still achieving low power consumption and cost effective hardware designs. Texas Instruments, ST Ericsson and Samsung are announcing that they are building such processor designs.

The launch of the Cortex A-15 processor marks an exciting milestone for ARM, it brings together more than 20 years of ARMs expertise in low power design with new leading edge technologies. Together, these will enable further opportunities for ARM Partners to develop the consumer products for the next generation of connected computing.

For now, on this site, we are going to have a lot more fun with the ARM Cortex A8 that are on the market and being released and ARM Cortex A9 products to be released soon. But we are also looking forward to even more powerful yet low power and low enough cost ARM processors to achieve even more in terms of bringing ARM architechture up further from the smart phone, up to tablets, laptops, desktops and even to power the future of servers doing all the cloud computing.

How powerful do you think ARM Cortex A15 is going to be? You can discuss in the comments.