Samsung Galaxy S, 4″ Super AMOLED Android phone

Posted by – March 23, 2010

I filmed some Super AMOLED videos last month at the Mobile World Congress:

Super AMOLED is spectacular, that’s for sure. Blacks are incredibly black and vivid colors and brightness is super. The Super AMOLED is officially 20% birghter and reflects 80% less light than the first generation AMOLED screens, it removes some kind of layer that was covering the screen so devices can be thinner and the angle of vision is incredible.

Yet, my question is how much more does Super AMOLED cost compared to LCD, especially at sizes larger than 4″ in diagonal. I guess this is a matter of Samsung having invested huge amounts of billions of dollars into developing the AMOLED technology, that they have to try to mass manufacture those screens in quantities of millions for them to get down in cost. I wonder though, what is the difference in cost between AMOLED and LCD in those screen sizes? Anyone who knows the bill of material, please post in the comments.

I probably don’t really like Samsung’s attempt at making a different UI layer on top of Android which they call “S Life UI”. With the bit that I played with it on the Samsung Beam, I would probably prefer to disable that and somehow enable a normal standard Google Experience user interface.

This video was released at:

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