HTC Supersonic (HTC EVO 4G) WiMax Android phone

Posted by – March 23, 2010

I filmed the Windows Mobile based HTC HD2 last month at the Mobile World Congress:
And at the HTC booth at asked the HTC representative if there would be a 4.3″ LCD screen based Android phone as well, I didn’t get an answer on that at that point:

The HTC Supersonic is basically the same hardware as the HTC HD2, but this time it runs Android, comes perhaps with slight hardware changes such as a slightly larger battery (people might have been complaining about battery runtime on the HD2), it has a HDMI output when using an adaptor for that, 720p video recording and the 1ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

Very interestingly, this is the first WiMax phone released by Sprint in the USA. That requires a whole new Mobile WiMax network and only some carriers are deploying that in some places. Though I have been covering WiMax for years such as in these interviews that I filmed at CeBIT 2006:

So perhaps now finally some things may be happening on the Mobile WiMax front. My question is still, how much better is WiMax in terms of bandwidth capacity per user, bandwidth capacity with many mobile users. What is the performance of Mobile WiMax compared to 700mhz unlicenced wireless mobile networking over White Spaces or how does it compare with 3G HSDPA and LTE technology?

This video was released at:

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