Applications targeting Android 2.0 or higher can now directly access OpenGL ES 2.0 features

Posted by – March 10, 2010
Category: EDA, Software, Android

The third release of the Android Native Development Kit (NDK) is now available for download from the Android developer site.

Among the new features of this Android Native SDK is following:

OpenGL ES 2.0 support

Applications targeting Android 2.0 (API level 5) or higher can now directly access OpenGL ES 2.0 features. This brings the ability to control graphics rendering through vertex and fragment shader programs, using the GLSL shading language.

This could mean we could soon get stuff like Unreal Engine for powerful 3D games on Android, N64 and Dreamcast games emulators, Quake3 for Android and plenty more games as well as 3D acceleration in Home replacements and in Android applications developed with tools provided by companies like Mentor Graphics, Digital Aria and more.



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