50 ARM Powered tablets to be released by Computex

Posted by – March 10, 2010
Category: Tablets

Dan Nystedt is reporting on Computerworld.com from a press meeting held by ARM in Taipei:

“The first tablet devices will launch in the second quarter by [mobile network] carriers,” said Roy Chen, ARM’s worldwide mobile computing ODM manager, during a press meeting in Taipei. “You’ll see a lot more in the third quarter.”

He said many tablet-like devices will be launched in China, but companies everywhere plan to launch tablets this year, including the top 10 telecommunications network operators.

Thus, you can look forward to huge amounts of hands-on video coverage of all these new ARM Powered tablets that will be released these next few months right here on

As Nvidia co-founder Jen-Hsun Huang said at the Nvidia press conference at CES in Las Vegas in January: “This is the year of the tablets”. It’s going to be really fun!

Source: Computerworld.com