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Zopo Libero HD ZP800H, 5″ 720p IPS, MT6589

Posted by Charbax – March 25, 2013

Sold for 1799rmb ($290) in Shenzhen China, battery capacity is 2000mAh, 1GB RAM, 4GB flash, dual-sim on the MediaTek MT6589 Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor.

$289 Zopo Leader ZP900H, 5.3″ qHD MT6589 Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7

Posted by Charbax – March 20, 2013

199gr, 2300mAh, dual-SIM, here is Zopo's 5.3" qHD IPS MediaTek MT6589 Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 with SGX544 GPU smartphone selling for 1799rmb ($289).

Serge Broslavsky and Paul Sokolovsky at Linaro Connect Asia 2013

Posted by Charbax – March 20, 2013

Serge Broslavsky Project Manager on the Technical Management team at Linaro and Paul Sokolovsky, Build Engineer on the the Infrastructure team at Linaro took a moment at Linaro Connect Asia 2013 in Hong Kong to talk about what they do at Linaro.

Amit Kucheria and Will Deacon at Linaro Connect Asia 2013

Posted by Charbax – March 20, 2013

Amit Kucheria is the Linaro Power Management Tech Lead, and Will Deacon works on the Linux Kernel at ARM. They talk about what they have been doing at Linaro Connect and what they are working on in the months to come.

ARM CEO Warren East retires July 1st, replaced by Simon Segars

Posted by Charbax – March 19, 2013

On July 1st, Simon Segars is going to be the new CEO of ARM.

John Buchanan, Chairman of ARM Holdings plc, said, "Warren has transformed ARM during his time as CEO. In 2001 ARM had one processor product line found mainly in mobile phones. Now ARM provides the broadest portfolio of technologies in the industry, used by more than 300 semiconductor customers in nearly 9 billion chips last year. During Warren’s tenure the company has received royalties for over 40 billion ARM-based chips. As CEO he has created a strong platform for growth and consistently created value for shareholders even in a challenging external environment. On behalf of the Board, and the wider ARM team, deep thanks are due to Warren for his passion, service and leadership."

"The Board is delighted to have someone of Simon Segars’ experience and calibre within ARM to appoint to the role of CEO. Following an extensive review of candidates worldwide, Simon’s proven technology expertise and management skills across a range of senior executive roles make him an excellent CEO candidate and highly qualified to take the company forward. The Board looks forward to continuing to work with Simon to build on the strong momentum that has been created over the past years."

Here's a look back at some of my video interviews posted during the past 2 and a half years with both Warren East and Simon Segars:

From 3 weeks ago, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, I posted my first video interview with Warren East:

At ARM Techcon 2011 in October 2011 I interviewed Simon Segars:

and also back at ARM Techcon 2010 in November 2010:

Allwinner A31 9.7″ Retina factory tour at Celeb Tech

Posted by Charbax – March 18, 2013

Here is a tour of the Celeb Tech factory in Shenzhen China. This is their touchpanel assembly line, they also have a more general tablet assembly factory in another part of Shenzhen (Dongguan) which I may go to and film at the next time I visit Shenzhen. They are in full swing producing the pretty awesome 9.7" Retina Allwinner A31 Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 tablet that sells at some pretty amazing prices on the Chinese market.

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SED Electronics Market (Tablets Market) in Shenzhen walk-through

Posted by Charbax – March 18, 2013

Here's my latest 20-minute steadicam/GH3 walk through the SED Electronics Market in Shenzhen, that building is my favorite in the Shenzhen Huaqiangbei Electronics market area. This is where you can find all the tablets, HDMI sticks and tablet accessories. I film through this market with the Tiffen Steadicam Merlin 2 on arm and vest with the Panasonic GH3 camera and 12-35mm lense.

Linaro LAVA Workshop Q&A

Posted by Charbax – March 18, 2013

Filmed at Linaro Connect Asia 2013. Read more about LAVA (Linaro Automated Validation Architecture) at: You can also watch my other 39-minute session video introducing LAVA.

ArcherMind Eyesight protector and other gadgets

Posted by Charbax – March 18, 2013

ArcherMind of Nanjing China shows some of their latest gadgets.

Kate Darling of MIT Media Lab at Lift 2013

Posted by Charbax – March 18, 2013

Kate Darling is an IP Research Specialist at MIT Media Lab. P.h.D. candidate in Intellectual Property and Law & Economics. Passionate about innovation policy, rethinking copyright and patent law. Co-taught "Robot Rights" with Larry Lessig at Harvard Law School in 2011. Increasingly delving into the intersection of law and robotics.