Forbes: Display Industry status/history Interview

Posted by – May 22, 2012

Check out this interview on with Sriram Peruvemba CMO at E Ink Holdings. Here are some quotes from the interview:

The big five in the LCD industry based on 2011 revenues are Samsung, LG, CMI, AUO and Sharp. It costs upwards of $1B to build a TV-class LCD factory in Asia. A state of the art Gen 10 LCD factory might cost upwards of $3B if built today. In the past few years, the industry has been more in the red than in the black. Margins in the display business tend to be razor thin, particularly in consumer applications.

So what makes LCDs rule? There is one spec that LCD has that beats every other technology, and when I mention this to a room full of engineers, they think I have crossed over to the dark side. This spec is called “price,” which is the most important spec for displays.

Take your favorite TV or mobile phone, the display is what catches your attention. A significant portion of the purchase decision for a TV, Monitor or GPS unit is based on the impression created by the display, yet the average consumer has no idea who made the display. Being an ingredient display brand in the consumer electronics industry is very tough, I can tell you this from personal experience.

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FXI Cotton Candy availability status interview

Posted by – May 14, 2012 published this interview with FXI Tech about the status of shipments for their awesome Exynos4 powered HDMI stick product.

Something to do with FXI adding USB host to the design causing some of the delay. Hopefully they start shipping in Scandinavia this month, and to all other pre-orders during the summer. I’d like to see this form factor mass manufactured and sold for around $69 retail and not $199. See the TI OMAP4 powered Always Innovating HDMI stick alternative where it’s said the BOM cost for such a platform may be as low as $30.


Here’s my video of the FXI Tech HDMI stick:

Opera Mini 7 and Opera Mobile 12

Posted by – May 13, 2012

Opera is being used by millions of people worldwide. Here’s the latest in Opera Mobile browsers technology. Opera Mini provides Internet access to hundreds of millions of feature phone users throughout the developing world, emerging economies, worldwide, and Opera Mobile is likely the third party browser of choice for smartphones. As smartphones become cheaper and cheaper, feature phones may quickly get replaced by cheap smartphones, Opera mobile merges Mini and Mobile to provide server-side web page compression and fast rendering technologies for a growing number of users worldwide.

I interviewed Mike Butcher!

Posted by – May 11, 2012

Techcrunch Europe‘s Mike Butcher talks about startups and

23 Video Berlin HQ launching in September

Posted by – May 11, 2012 expands out of Denmark to reach more enterprises around Europe out of Germany. 23 Video provides video systems for video centric websites.

Tobii after the Intel investment, eye tracking for ultrabooks?

Posted by – May 11, 2012

Swedish Tobii is probably the worldwide technology leader in eye tracking. All advertising companies in the world probably are using Tobii technology when doing usability testing of web design and web advertising design. Now Tobii plans to expand their reach to provide eye tracking technology to more professionals and perhaps even to consumers if they can make the Tobii eye tracking package compact and cheap enough for it to be integrated in consumer ultrabooks.

QGate Plug it in, GSM and RF for power plugs in your house

Posted by – May 10, 2012

Here’s QGate’s demonstration of the Internet of Things. You buy one of those plugs and then you can control and monitor your home from your smartphone., Match Making based on Music at Next Berlin

Posted by – May 10, 2012

You can find new friends and flirts based on your taste in music. It hooks into your, Spotify, Facebook, iTunes library and more and then comparing your musical tastes with all the other users, it shows your matches for people that have the same taste as you.

BeeFM social music sharing at Next Berlin

Posted by – May 10, 2012

Install this app on your Facebook and it’ll generate playlists of YouTube videos based on all the music video shares that your friends have posted to your news feed. Thus you can just check it once in a while to get a compilation of the coolest music your friends have shared with you.

Festo Robot Arms at Next Berlin

Posted by – May 8, 2012

Check out these robot arms.