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Henglung RK3168/RK2926 PCB Design House

Posted by juliusaugustus – September 26, 2013

Shenzhen Henglung Digital Co Ltd is a Rockchip PCB Designer showing their tablet PCB and case designs. The motherboards and tablets offer either the new ultra low power RK3168 processor or the cheaper RK2926 processor. The RK2926 motherboards are RK2928 comptabile and 3028 compatible. Motherboards cost around 10 - 15 USD in bulk and tablets cost around 60 USD in bulk depending on the screen, battery used. Motherboards are also available with different pin configurations for different kinds of screens with different resolutions. Different pin configurations allow different resolutions. The motherboards offer either 4gb flash memory plus 512mb of ram or 8gb flash memory plus 1gb of ram. This video ends with a tour of the Henglung R&D center.

Contact informations
Amy Lee
Mobile: 13590371459
Tel: +86-755-27367633Ext:808
Office address:813,Area B,HuaMeiJu,Baoan Central business district.
Headquarters adddress: Building 8,Henglong industrial Park,The forth Industrial Zone of Shui Tian Community,Shiyan Street,Baoan,Shenzhen,China.

Akihabara Tokyo Japan Tour Part 2

Posted by Charbax – September 26, 2013

Video showing Akihabara computer/games street in Tokyo Japan, also watch part 1 video here:

Akihabara Tokyo Japan Tour Part 1

Posted by Charbax – September 25, 2013

On my first day ever in Japan, visiting my father's old friend, I visit the Akihabara computer, anime, video games street in Tokyo Japan, check out the funny things that they have for sale. Part 2 is posted here:

RK3188 Mini PC HDMI Stick Factory Assembly Tour

Posted by juliusaugustus – September 25, 2013

Here's how the RK3188 Quad-core HDMI Stick Mini PC is being assembled. The first part of the process involves attaching a components to the PCB. The next part of the assembly process involves putting the PCB in the case and attaching the cover. The next part of the manufacturing process involves testing and powering on the Android mini pcs. The final part of the process involves packaging and delivery.

RK3188 HDMI Stick Mini PC SMT Line

Posted by juliusaugustus – September 25, 2013

This is how the RK3188 Android Mini PC PCBs are being made at the SMT Line. This SMT manufacturing process is highly technical despite the simple nature of the products themselves. Printer like machines are used to attach components to the PCBs. However despite the automation and highly technical aspects much of the manufacturing process much of it still done by hand such as adding male and female connectors, installing Android, or inspecting the PCBs themselves. After the SMT process is complete assembly and testing is done.

Rifda Transparent LCD

Posted by juliusaugustus – September 24, 2013

Rifda is a Shenzhen based producer of transparent LCDS. The transparent LCDS make it into products such as 3D glasses as well as point of sale products for banks.

Alcatel One Touch Hero Pico Projector and TV Link

Posted by juliusaugustus – September 24, 2013

The pico projector accessory enables one to output anything that the One Touch Hero displaying onto another surface. The pico projector is powered by the phone through the docking connector using an HDMI signal. The projector technology is a yet produced laser beam technology from an unspecified partner. The device lacks wired HDMI support and instead uses miracast for TV output. The TV link accessory provides Miracast wireless display support to TVs lack that functionality. The Miracast TV stick has a broadcom Arm processor in it. The TV link won't be included but the price should be less than 50 USD. The price of the pico project remains unspecified.

Alcatel One Touch Hero SmartCovers with LED, Wireless Charging and BT Phone

Posted by juliusaugustus – September 24, 2013

Another accessory for the Alcatel One Touch Hero includes a LED smart cover which can be used to display notifications and system functions such as displaying the time or music visualization. The power consumption of the LED smart cover is very low at 1mah. When no notifications or system functions are displayed the cover will not display anything and will look like a regular cover. The wireless charging cover and LED Smart cover will be included in some markets. The One Touch Hero also has it is phone accesory that connects by bluetooth and enables phone calls and SMS without using the device itself. The Phone accessory will included with the One Touch Hero. The phone accessory can also play music and find the device if it is lost.

Innos Qualcomm based Smartphones

Posted by juliusaugustus – September 23, 2013

Innos is a Chinese producer of Android smartphones. Innos primarily targets Asian and European markets. Innos makes around 200,000 - 300,000 phones per month. Innos is a licensee of Qualcomm. Innos also makes products for other brands.
Products Include:
D10 - 5" Full HD OGS screen smartphone with A Qualcomm processor and 3000mah (6000mah). The price should be 250 Euro.
i2 - 4.3" QHD Smartphone with Qualcomm Quad Core processor. The price is 200 Euro.
d9 - 4.3" QHD Dual core MSM 8225 with a 4160mah battery. The price is around 200 Euro.
i6 - 4.5" QHD Qualcomm processor. The Price is around 200 Euros. Not much was given in the way of specifications.
More information about Innos can be found at

Luckystar Tablet Factory Tour (40-minutes!)

Posted by Charbax – September 23, 2013

40-minute Tour at the Luckystar Aoson Tablet Factory. Follow this huge traveling shot around the whole Luckystar Aoson factory, workers are assembling Allwinner, Rockchip, Actions, AmLogic based tablets in several sizes, outputting thousands per day which are being sold all over the world.

Also watch these Luckystar Aoson latest product demonstration videos:
$60 7″ 1024×600 ATM7029 M2723 by Luckystar Aoson
Luckystar Aoson M739K, $54 7″ WVGA RK3168
$72 7″ 1280×800 IPS Allwinner A31s ($95 for 3G) by Luckystar Aoson
$53 A20 1024×600, 1GB RAM, 8GB Flash by Luckystar

Luckystar Aoson Contact information (please only contact them if you are serious about buying a bulk of minimum 1000 pieces) (please tell them you watched the video):

Anson Yi
Mobile: 86-13510992428
Telephone: 86-755-83495999-657