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Tapkid cappsu, 9.7″ children’s Android tablet

Posted by – March 15, 2012

Cappsu provides a new 9.7″ IPS capacitive Android tablet they call the Tapkid, customized and optimized for children to use. With custom software, user interfaces, parental controls and more. This is made by Boeye. They throw it on the floor and say it’s unbreakable.

I’m on the BBC (on YouTube)

Posted by – March 13, 2012

Rory Cellan-Jones from the BBC interviewed me at Mobile World Congress last week about my Motorola Kopin Golden-i Augmented Video-blogging system. By the end of the year, thanks to the fast moving world of Technology, we’ll all be walking around with compact wearable computers, augmenting our reality, it’s going to be awesome!

ZTE Tania and ZTE Orbit

Posted by – March 12, 2012

These are probably some of the cheapest Windows Phone devices to be released on the market. They are waiting for the Tango version of the Windows Phone software before releasing these.

Fujitsu Arrows Ultra Slim 6.7mm Waterproof Android phone

Posted by – March 12, 2012

Made with special materials, Fujitsu shows how the screen is unbreakable, unscratchable, the special casing makes it the worlds thinnest smartphone at only 6.7mm. Sorry about the bad sound quality, my microphone was nearly out of battery (I bought a new Sennheiser MKE400 for 199 Euro at Media Markt just in case my previous same microphone is somehow broken now after 3 years of use).

Nokia Asha 202 and Nokia Asha 203

Posted by – March 12, 2012

Nokia launches this new S60 dual-sim low cost S60 based phone. The price for this phone is around 60 euros before taxes (I guess that is the MSRP).

LePhone Z1 MT6573 4″ and 3.5″

Posted by – March 12, 2012

Blephone shows a 4″ capacitive MT6573 Android phone.

Shenzhen Victory Electronics ATVD-001, HDMI Stick on ARM Cortex-A9

Posted by – March 12, 2012

Shenzhen Victory Electronics shows their new HDMI Stick design (just a mockup for now?) with an ARM Cortex-A9 processor. The price is $50 per unit when bought in bulk of at least 1000. Please write in the comments if you know which processor they are using.

Yifang Smart Pen For iPad

Posted by – March 12, 2012

Yifang presents their latest Smart Pen for iPad. Docking it to the iPad connector and installing the specific application, users can then do handwritten scribbles on the iPad.

ZXD 5″ Smartphone MT6573 $120 (dual-sim, HSPA), MT6575 $130

Posted by – March 10, 2012

ZXD Technology Development Limited shows really low cost 5″ 800×480 capacitive smartphone based on the Mediatek MT6573 (ARM11 650Mhz HSDPA Dual-sim) for $120 in 5.0″ and $110 for 4.3″ 800×480. The upcoming MediaTek MT6575 ARM Cortex-A9 Single-core based Smartphone (1Ghz HSDPA Dual-sim) is going to cost only $10 more on each! Consider the $120, $110 prices are for orders of 1000 units at the minimum. ZXD says they do their own manufacturing in Shenzhen China.

The point here is that you get a Galaxy Note like experience at 5″ for $120 (ARM11) $130 (Single-core ARM Cortex-A9), Galaxy S2 like experience at 4.3″ $110 (ARM11), $120 (Single-core ARM Cortex-A9), all Dual-sim, the capacitive screens seem fine! ZXD also does cheaper Android phones with smaller screens all the way down to $50 for bulk orders!

Check back for much more on the latest Cheap/Affordable crazy good sub-$150 (bulk price) value Android smartphones that I am going to film here on over the next weeks and months!

Appear, Kopin Golden-i Software provider, won 2nd price at CeBIT

Posted by – March 10, 2012

Based at the Kista Science City, Mobile City in Stockholm Sweden, Appear talks about integrating their industrial systems software into the Motorola Kopin Golden-i headmounted computer. Here at CeBIT they talk about how people working in the railway, airports etc industries can use the Golden-i in the next level of their augmented reality system.