Mele Skype TV Video Chat Camera

Posted by – April 19, 2013

Mele shows some of their Skype Video-conferencing Camera modules that work with their latest Allwinner A20, A31 based set-top-boxes, with either built-in camera connected on the set-top-box, or with a cable on the top of the TV, or a design for the Set-top-box actually built in to the larger camera to mount on the top of the TV. I am not sure about the status and possibility of doing 720p or even 1080p Video-conferencing on Skype on Android Set-top-boxes, I guess that support is up to the Skype Android app (which Microsoft controls), but I guess there are other Android Video-conferencing apps that support 720p and 1080p video-conferencing already and which should work with this system. HD video-conferencing is awesome, and this may be a way to have that work for around $150 retail price on each side.

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