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AllWinner Boxchip software engineers at Linaro Connect

Posted by – May 28, 2012

3 engineers from talk about how they are using Linaro, what they are looking to get from Linaro, how they want to work with Linaro at the Linaro Connect Q2 2012 conference.

$55 AllWinner Boxchip A13 Tablet Factory Tour

Posted by – May 27, 2012

Watch this 7-minute Shenzhen factory tour, see how they are assembling the $55 (soon $49) Boxchip A13 7″ Capacitive tablet. This Shenzhen factory assembly line currently cranks out about 4000 such tablets in a days work. If you like this video, you should also watch my Shenzhen Speakers Factory video that I posted last month.

$55 7″ capacitive Boxchip A13 SMT line, mass producing the Boxchip A13 PCB

Posted by – May 27, 2012

Here they are cranking out a few thousand Boxchip A13 and Boxchip A10 motherboards every day.

Yooe F4, Freescale i.MX6 Quad-core 9.7″ Tablet, $220-$250, mass manufacturing next month

Posted by – May 27, 2012

The new Quad-core ARM Corte-A9 processor from Freescale is about to be launched in devices, as shown here at the PCB design house in Shenzhen that is currently working on the PCB optimizations/finalizations before mass manufacturing of this i.MX6 Quad-core based ICS Android tablet. Yooe plans to sell it for somewhere between $220-$250 depending on their final target manufacturing price. 100 samples are to be manufactured in June, and at least 5000 should be made in July. You’ll soon be able to buy samples of this device on, check back for info on that.

Gemei G9T, 9.7″ AmLogic AML8726-MX ARM Cortex-A9 with Mali-400

Posted by – May 27, 2012

This new Dual-core 9.7″ tablet sells now for around $200 in Shenzhen.

Pelec Industrial Company Limited sells $150 Rockchip RK2918 based 9.7″ tablet

Posted by – May 27, 2012

This company sells thousands of the Rockchip RK2918 9.7″ IPS tablet for around $150 each.

Rockchip Shenzhen Headquarters entrance

Posted by – May 27, 2012

The Rockchip offices in Shenzhen are top secret, hundreds of engineers work there, I have not yet gotten the permission to film with the engineers nor to film further than the entrance, but I’ll try to get that permission again in a week or two.

Yooe MT6575 phone now selling

Posted by – May 27, 2012

This is the 5″ WVGA MT6575 phone, now selling out of Shenzhen for around $200. For now it’s a bit expensive (it should be closer to $150) perhaps because it’s not yet in full mass production.

Ramos W17Pro miumiu, AmLogic AML8726-MX Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 with Mali-400

Posted by – May 27, 2012

This 7″ MiuMiu tablet design seems nice featuring the new AmLogic AML8726-MX Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 procesor with a Mali-400 GPU.

Yuandao Window N90, Rockchip RK3066 Dual-core based

Posted by – May 27, 2012

This is the new dual-core RK3066 9.7″ IPS tablet from I previously filmed this review of the previous RK2918 based 5″ N5Zero from the same company.