A message to Boxee about the Boxee payments system

Posted by Charbax – January 20, 2010

I posted this comment to Avner Ronen's announcement about the upcoming Boxee payments system:

It was nice to film Boxee Box at CES.

And congratulations to them with all those people thinking they were the best of the show.

I wish the Boxee project good luck in revolutionizing the TV world. It’s a big deal though, I think that industry is not only a multi-trillion dollar industry worldwide, they also basically control the minds of people. TV stations are decisive in elections, they make or break politicians and one cannot become famous without TV.

While I am amazed to see all Boxee's cool TV remote interfaces work so smoothly on an ARM Powered Tegra2 device, I’d like to see confirmation that Boxee Box definitely support everything and all codecs on that platform. If they really will support all the same content sources such as Youtube HD, Hulu, all the podcasts, BitTorrent RSS and more.

Since Boxee is building an open system, perhaps the best way to implement pay-per-view would be to implement an open platform that not only supports Boxee payments but could support any other payment system where Boxee might not even see 1% of the transaction revenues. It’d probably be weird though for Boxee to be that open even on the payment opportunity side of things.

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  • Thanks for your comments on the blog.
    – Yes, the Boxee Box by D-Link will support all of the functions that Boxee’s software does.
    – We do this currently with sites like Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Major League Baseball – they have payment platforms outside of Boxee and we simply validate a user’s account (we make nothing). Boxee Payments will simply give content owners an integrated option where they set the pricing and package and we take care of the rest.

    Andrew from Boxee

  • and we’re excited about the Tegra 2 as well – the reason we chose it was to make sure the Boxee Box could do all the things an x86 processor could do (including streaming Flash HD video using Flash 10.1)