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Why I’m looking forward to video-blog at the LeWeb conference in Paris December 7-9th

Posted by – November 19, 2011
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LeWeb in Paris is one of the few web conferences in Europe every year where all the top most influential US, European and worldwide bloggers attend. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, LinkedIn, Ustream, Renault, CNN are sponsors, some of the most hopeful upcoming European Startups compete, all look to get most of the bloggers and industry insiders attention. Leo Laporte and the crew have a live show coverage on a stage in the middle of the event, Michael Arrington and the whole staff is there including MG Siegler, Robert Scoble takes pictures and blogs from the front row. Om Malik and his staff from attend every year, Gade Rivera of hangs around, this is the conference where I first met Chris Pirillo, Steve Gillmor and Kevin Marks (I don’t know if they will attend again this year). As you can see in the conference program, featured on the stage are going to be keynotes and discussions with Eric Schmidt, Marissa Mayer, Yves Behar designer of the OLPC, Niklas Zennstrom (Skype/Kazaa founder), JP Rangaswami, the CEOs or top executives at Twitter, Virgin Galactic, Foursquare, Deezer, Instagram, Flipboard, Airbnb.

For updates and links to info on how to win tickets you can follow LeWeb on twitter

So if you are interested to attend this conference you can register to attend at and you can look forward to my video interviews to be posted here on from the conference around December 7-9th. I’ll try to video interview all the company representatives and bloggers that I listed here, if you have any questions that you would like me to try to ask to any of them, please post them here in the comments or send me an email at

Salim Ismail, Executive Director of the Singularity University at LeWeb 2010

Posted by – December 26, 2010

At the Singularity University in Silicon Valley, 80 students in 2010 (picked out of 1600 worldwide applicants) study futures, law, finance, networks, biotechnology, nanotechnology, medicine, robotics, energy and space to prepare for that point of singularity when artificial intelligence meets human intelligence.

Find out exactly what is going on at the Singularity University at and you can also watch Salim Ismail presentation at LeWeb here.

John Ham, Founder of at LeWeb 2010

Posted by – December 26, 2010

John Ham discusses interactivity for live video streaming, infrastructure scaling for high quality video streaming and other upcoming features of such as pay-per-view.

Joe Green, Co-Founder and President of at LeWeb 2010

Posted by – December 25, 2010

Joe Green co-founded with Sean Parker who founded Napster, the guy played by Justin Timberlake in the recent Facebook movie “The Social Network”. allows anyone to use their Facebook and Twitter friends and followers to raise funds for any kinds of organizations. You can also watch his presentation of on stage at LeWeb with Loic LeMeur.

Matt Barrie, CEO of at LeWeb 2010

Posted by – December 15, 2010

If you have an idea to create a competitor to Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia or Google, but you lack the programming talent, you can still do like Kevin Rose did to start, what Steve Jobs did to start Apple and what Bill Gates did to start Microsoft, you can just have someone else do all the programming work for you for cheap! Now that we have the Internet, why not hire someone to do it for those $500 or so that you have been saving up? was started for $200, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer bought DOS for $50’000 from some guy which basically founded Microsoft, Steve Jobs convinced his programming friend Steve Wozniak to code the Apple OS inspired by ideas they got from the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center for “free”, some claim Mark Zuckerberg was hired as a freelance programmer for $1000 to program facebook (then possibly to have been called harvardconnection) before he decided it was too good and kept it for himself (something like that).

What do you think of the potential of outsourcing work using or other such online freelancing sites? Can those sites also be used to connect freelancers in your local areas if you want to actually meet the freelancer face to face? What do you think is the potential to create a successful startup based on a small investment through or such site? What do you think is the value of an idea compared to the programming talent necessary to build it? What do you think is the risk of you potentially loosing your idea to a freelancer (like Mark Zuckerberg) if they find out that the idea is too good and they decide to keep it or duplicate it? is a Social Marketplace for homemade Meals

Posted by – December 13, 2010

What if you could buy a cheap meal from someone cooking extra portions of some healthy meal in your neighborhood instead of having to go to an unhealthy fast food restaurant? This startup won the “1st Prize for Originality” at LeWeb 2010 in Paris. The public also likes the idea a lot.

Renault Twizy electric car presented by Matthieu Tenenbaum at LeWeb 2010

Posted by – December 13, 2010

This compact french-design electric car is to be released about a year from now, it has a range enough for use in cities, and the size is in between scooter and small car, easy to park, it’s actually a two-seater. It can even be configured to be driven without a drivers licence. This is an interview with Matthieu Tenenbaum who is Renault’s deputy program director for all of Renault’s electric vehicles including the Twizy.

Pierre Chappaz on what is going on with Wikileaks

Posted by – December 13, 2010

At LeWeb 2010 there was an interesting Media Panel about the status of Wikileaks. This video features more from the point of view of French entrepreneur Pierre Chappaz who founded Kelkoo and Wikio.

Shai Agassi at LeWeb 2010

Posted by – December 12, 2010

Project Better Place wants to eliminate oil within a few years, in partnership with Renault and other car makers, they are about to mass produce electric cars, Better Place is building out the infrastructure to switch batteries and to charge. You can watch the full Q&A video here. You can also watch Shai Agassi’s recent interview on the Charlie Rose show and on Morning Joe.

Test Driving a Renault Fluence Gen2 electric car in Paris!

Posted by – December 11, 2010

This is an impressive “full sized” electric car by Renault, soon to be released to hundreds of thousands of consumers in Denmark and Israel, it may be one of the first electric cars to be mass produced! I am a big fan of project Better Place, and I am really looking forward to mass adoption of electric cars all over the world. The driver in this video is Stephan Ehrhardt, race car pilot instructor consultant at Europa-First and car specialist.

Dassault Systems 3D tools for the web at LeWeb 2010

Posted by – December 11, 2010

This is 3D in the web browser using a plugin. Dassault Systems is providing tools for integrating 3D stuff on the web.

Marissa Mayer and Dave Burke demonstrate Gingerbread at LeWeb 2010

Posted by – December 11, 2010

Here’s some filming of Marissa Mayer’s Q&A with Michael Arrington and David Burke’s Nexus S Gingerbread demostration of Google Maps 5.0 Vector Graphics and 3D features at LeWeb 2010, you can watch the full official video here. presented by Fabrice Lorenceau at LeWeb 2010

Posted by – December 11, 2010

youfoot lets users organize alternative Football tournaments and ligues, lets users comment and annotate all football matches in real-time. Will eventually integrate live video and audio commentary features. This type of web app has the potential to replace FIFA and UEFA for the organization and communities of Soccer competition.

Julio Alonso, Founder and CEO of Weblogs SL at LeWeb 2010

Posted by – December 11, 2010

A discussion about Spanish tech blogs and about the Wikileaks media panel at LeWeb 2010 conference in Paris.

How Danil Kozyatnikov of Siberia got invited at LeWeb 2010

Posted by – December 11, 2010

Tells his story about how he got to be one of the 4 invited to LeWeb through a facebook and twitter contest. Also presents his scavanger hunt prototype. Find him also at presented by Stéphane Guérin at LeWeb 2010

Posted by – December 11, 2010

Appoke is a startup that is showcased at the LeWeb 2010 conference in Paris. presented by Jerome Derozard at LeWeb 2010

Posted by – December 11, 2010

LifeShow player app on Android and is a startup that is showcased at the LeWeb 2010 conference in Paris. presented by Benjamin Suchar at LeWeb 2010

Posted by – December 11, 2010

CheckMyMetro is a startup that is showcased at the LeWeb 2010 conference in Paris.

Kodak PlayTouch video camera at LeWeb 2010

Posted by – December 11, 2010

3″ capacitive HD pocket camcorder.

Windows Phone 7 Developer Ecosystem presented by Charlie Kindel at LeWeb 2010

Posted by – December 10, 2010

Charlie Kindel is the General Manager of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Developer Ecosystem. He tells us about some of the features of the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 platform. You can watch Charlie Kindel’s Q&A at LeWeb 2010 here.