Why I’m looking forward to video-blog at the LeWeb conference in Paris December 7-9th

Posted by – November 19, 2011
Category: LeWeb

LeWeb in Paris is one of the few web conferences in Europe every year where all the top most influential US, European and worldwide bloggers attend. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, LinkedIn, Ustream, Renault, CNN are sponsors, some of the most hopeful upcoming European Startups compete, all look to get most of the bloggers and industry insiders attention. Leo Laporte and the Twit.tv crew have a live show coverage on a stage in the middle of the event, Michael Arrington and the whole Techcrunch.com staff is there including MG Siegler, Robert Scoble takes pictures and blogs from the front row. Om Malik and his staff from GigaOm.com attend every year, Gade Rivera of Techmeme.com hangs around, this is the conference where I first met Chris Pirillo, Steve Gillmor and Kevin Marks (I don’t know if they will attend again this year). As you can see in the conference program, featured on the stage are going to be keynotes and discussions with Eric Schmidt, Marissa Mayer, Yves Behar designer of the OLPC, Niklas Zennstrom (Skype/Kazaa founder), JP Rangaswami, the CEOs or top executives at Twitter, Virgin Galactic, Foursquare, Deezer, Instagram, Flipboard, Airbnb.

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So if you are interested to attend this conference you can register to attend at LeWeb.net and you can look forward to my video interviews to be posted here on ARMdevices.net from the conference around December 7-9th. I’ll try to video interview all the company representatives and bloggers that I listed here, if you have any questions that you would like me to try to ask to any of them, please post them here in the comments or send me an email at charbax@gmail.com