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News Republic, app for news articles and videos

Posted by – February 28, 2012

This application allows you to personalize where you are getting your news but from a limited number of providers with which News Republic has agreement to aggregate the news content.

University of Art and Design in Geneva at Lift 2012

Posted by – February 23, 2012

Students from HEAD show some of their technological designs at Lift12 in Geneva.

Frog Design enhances social networking at conferences

Posted by – February 23, 2012

People can scan the QR code on their badge, then walk in front of a Kinect and projector and it can display overlay information on top of people and they can connect and tweet by simply standing close to each other.

ZMS inZair, free messaging on WiFi and Data networks

Posted by – February 23, 2012

inZair ZMS is being demonstrated at Lift12 in Geneva, can be used for free instant messaging and also provides social networking, localization layers are more.

Teradici PCoIP, optimized remote desktop on TI’s OMAP4460

Posted by – February 1, 2012

Teradici is doing software optimization using the PCoIP (PC-over-IP) protocol to run a full x86 desktop remotely over the Internet onto an OMAP4460 device. Here in this demo remotely using an x86 desktop that is over 2000 miles away (and considering that Internet connections at trade shows can be unreliable).

Texas Instruments shows latest Augmented Reality Tablet demos

Posted by – February 1, 2012

Using software from Total Immersion and Metaio, Texas Instruments is showing their latest status of hardware acceleration on the DSP, Still Image Co-processing for Augmented Reality applications, games, navigation and more.

Obigo Browser on TV, Smartphone, Tablet and more

Posted by – January 24, 2012

Obigo shows their web browser running on a smart TV, on a Smartphone, Tablet and more. Their software solution on Android also enables to customize home replacements for Android based on HTML5.

VMware shows smartphone virtualization on the LG Revolution

Posted by – January 15, 2012

VMware now supports a secure enterprise version of Android at the same time as you can run your personal “hackable” version of Android, both on the same device in a fully secure virtualized way. by Moulla at LeWeb 2011

Posted by – December 16, 2011

He was showing some pretty awesome magic tricks at LeWeb, using the Kinect, 3D graphics from 3Dvia and real elements, you can find more videos featuring his magic on YouTube:

Toze Labs TvShow Time iPhone app

Posted by – December 12, 2011

They are providing some recommendations system for TV shows.

ARnav, Polish Augmented Reality startup at LeWeb 2011

Posted by – December 12, 2011

The idea is to provide an augmented reality user interface for navigation on top of the camera view.

AveComics at LeWeb 2011

Posted by – December 9, 2011

This is an app for digital comic books.

ARM releases free DS-5 Community Edition toolkit for native code Android acceleration

Posted by – November 29, 2011
Category: Software, ARM, Android

Here’s the press release:

ARM today announced the release of the ARM® Development Studio 5 (DS-5™) Community Edition (CE) – a free-to-use edition of its reference software development toolkit. The new edition is dedicated to the Android application developer community and helps them create native software for compute intensive tasks that can run up to 4 times faster than Java code. DS-5 CE complements the standard SDK and NDK Android development kits by offering developers a unique set of tools to help them achieve the performance and energy-efficiency advantages made possible when ARM native code is used in Android applications.

DS-5 Community Edition includes limited, but essential functionality from the premium DS-5 toolkit to help solve common Android application developer pain points. It achieves this by providing an integrated graphical debugger for NDK-generated code and visibility of advanced processor information, including ARM NEON™ Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) registers. The new toolkit permits development of Java and C/C++ code in the same Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) to maximise productivity and ease of use.

DS-5 Community Edition features a tailored version of the ARM Streamline™ Performance Analyzer for use with compatible Android development platforms. Streamline captures detailed, system-wide performance statistics from a variety of sources which helps developers to locate hotspots in their code and isolate potential causes. Platform builders can add support for Streamline by integrating an open source driver available from the Linaro website.

“With over half a million apps on the Android market today, developers need to deliver an outstanding user experience to succeed commercially,” said John Cornish, executive vice president and general manager, system design division, ARM. “ARM DS-5 Community Edition offers developers an easy to use environment for debugging and optimizing C/C++ code. This allows them to take full advantage of ARM processor technology using native code to deliver the performance and functionality that consumers demand.”

The DS-5 CE is available free-of-charge for use by individuals and organizations with annual revenue of $100,000 or less, and up to 10 employees. DS-5 CE is available from ARM and can be downloaded now. For more information go to:

B Labs demonstrates Virtualizating 2 OS on ARM

Posted by – October 30, 2011

B Labs can run 2x Android OS, for example one secure business install and one for personal use, or to run Android and a version of Linux.

Mentor Graphics at ARM TechCon 2011

Posted by – October 27, 2011

Mentor Graphics is one of the major EDA providers of the ARM industry. At their booth they are showing some impressive 3D graphical user interfaces that they say is easy and cheap to implement on ARM Powered devices to make them more appealing and to differentiate in the UI design, and they are also showing an auto-balancing lego robot built using Texas Instruments Sitara microcontrollers and the nucleus real-time software.

Metaio Augmented Reality showcase

Posted by – October 27, 2011

Here’s a pretty cool looking augmented reality application, he points the smartphone at a city built with paper, and the phone displays some augmented reality overlay on top.

OLPC Summit: Bernie Innocenti

Posted by – October 24, 2011

He now works at Google, he worked on the Sugar software of the OLPC project.

This video was filmed using the new JVC GC-PX10 camcorder at 36mbitps 1080p50 with the JVC MZ-V8/MZ-V10 external microphone, you can download the full sample file here on Google Docs

OLPC Summit: Lego on XO One Laptop Per Child Laptop

Posted by – October 24, 2011

David Cosimano presents the Lego for One Laptop Per Child project, it’s an app that works on the XO Laptop, that allows for the children to send commands to Lego motors and constructions to make those Lego’s do fun things, in some ways, this is a big like creating a Lego robot.

This video was filmed using the new JVC GC-PX10 camcorder at 36mbitps 1080p50 with the JVC MZ-V8/MZ-V10 external microphone, you can download the full sample file here on Google Docs

OLPC Summit: FLOSS Manuals

Posted by – October 24, 2011

Tuukka Hastrup from Finland consults for FLOSS Manuals, a collaborative manual and document writing software.

This video was filmed using the new JVC GC-PX10 camcorder at 36mbitps 1080p50 with the JVC MZ-V8/MZ-V10 external microphone, you can download the full sample file here on Google Docs

OLPC Summit: Sending data over short waves

Posted by – October 24, 2011

The idea is to be able to transmit data over large areas using short waves when there might not be internet. Here he is transmitting text over sound.

This video was filmed using the new JVC GC-PX10 camcorder at 36mbitps 1080p50, you can download the full sample file here on Google Docs