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Unbound Robotics UBR 1, Robot development platform

Posted by – December 11, 2013

The Unbound Robotics UBR 1 is a robot that uses a combination of both ARM Cortex and x86 processors. The UBR 1 is designed as a platform for robotics development and uses ROS (robotics operating system) which is open source. The main processor currently in the robot is an x86 but it uses 12 ST Microelectronics ARM Cortex-M4 based microcontrollers to control each part of the robot.

You can read more about it here:

eJigen Virtual Humanoid

Posted by – October 11, 2013

The virtual humanoid works through using a pare of glasses and imitates a human being. No date was specified for release other than as soon as possible. The system requires a Windows based computer.

KOA Muscle Suit

Posted by – October 7, 2013

The muscle suit provides extra strength for lifting items. KOA corporation is itself a producer of sensors. The muscle suit remains under development and is not on the market yet. The muscle suit is powered through a cable and a small battery. KOA also produces a touch sensor.

Nissan’s Self-driving Car at CEATEC 2013

Posted by – October 6, 2013

Nissan shows their own self driving car similar to Google’s but without the volodyne radar system. Adding the technology to cars requires few changes to a car. The question is to know how far they are with development and if they can show this car on real roads in real traffic soon like Google does or not.

Mastor Steadicams and Octa-copter steady Filming Devices

Posted by – October 4, 2013

Mastor produces motorized gyroscope based steadicams, Gimbal Systems and Unmanned Aerial Systems for steady filming, the company is Hong Kong based. Mastor is itself a relatively new company being 6 months old. Mastor also had a IFA booth as well. Some of the products Mastor makes includes filming helicopters (Octa and Quad versions available) and devices for holding your smartphone, point and shoot and or larger sized camaera. The smartphone holder will come in February for 230 Euro or 313 USD. The GOPRO holder will retail for 299 Euro or 407 USD. The camera holder for directors has a remote control and sells for a much higher price.

Honda U3-X UNI-CUB motorized Unicycle, awesome

Posted by – October 3, 2013

Honda UNI-CUB unicycle robot is an amazing motorized self-balancing unicycle mobility device, it can hold 100 Kilograms or 220 pounds. The robot itself would most likely be released next year and the price is not yet known. The robot itself needs to be optimized for people of higher weight. The Robot itself can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet.

Sharp Cleaning Robot

Posted by – October 2, 2013

Sharp’s cleaning Robot is designed to replace the function of a vacuum. The robot itself has has its own tablet running Android. The battery can go for up to 2 hours. The robots themselves remain prototypes. Shenzhen Sourcing Service launched

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Wecan drones, remote controlled helicopters, quad-copters and more

Posted by – June 8, 2013

Wecan sells drones.

Filmed at the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) 2013

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Woddon iConEyes quad-copter with Bluetooth streaming video camera

Posted by – April 29, 2013

I’m super excited about integrating cameras in quad-copters, on top of that they use Bluetooth to Android and iOS for remote control and for streaming back the quad-copter video! The Woddon Industrial iConEyes will sell starting in about one month for about 229 euro in Germany. The next version to be released maybe by the end of this year, with automatic person recognition, to follow you around without needing to control it, switching the battery on your backpack would be nice. The Woddon says all ideas are possible. You can see my previous Woddon remote controlled gadget videos here: and

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Logged-in Members of ($50/year) can see the full contact information for this company from the business card here. Become a Member Now!
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Wavim Android/iOS operated Tanks with remote video for 119-149€

Posted by – April 27, 2013

Hong kong based WAVIM shows Android/iOS operated wireless Tanks with camera which has 2 hours of back and wifi and bluetooth built in and can view camera from you mobile phone and tablet from android or apple ios.they also offered bleutooth based tank but that is without camera .they have nano miniature video monitor tanks too.also offers baby monitor with wifi and bluetooth.they are currently selling Europe for 119-149€.

Filmed at the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) 2013

Kate Darling of MIT Media Lab at Lift 2013

Posted by – March 18, 2013

Kate Darling is an IP Research Specialist at MIT Media Lab. P.h.D. candidate in Intellectual Property and Law & Economics. Passionate about innovation policy, rethinking copyright and patent law. Co-taught “Robot Rights” with Larry Lessig at Harvard Law School in 2011. Increasingly delving into the intersection of law and robotics.

Eken shows $148 Allwinner A31 quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 Tablet

Posted by – January 22, 2013

MOQ 1000 is $148 with a 1280×800 screen, they show 11.6″ prototype, $140 Remote controlled quad-copter drone with camera and self balancing (similar to Parrot) with support for WiFi and Bluetooth Android and iOS remote control, $122 9.7″ RK3066, $102 10.1″ 1280×800 VIA8850, $76 7″ 1024×600 IPS RK3066, A31 9.7″ and more. Eken sells about 150 thousand tablets per month. They also sell 600-700 thousand tablet PCBs per month to other small to medium sized Chinese tablet manufacturers.

Roboware Kimi Android educational robot

Posted by – January 16, 2013

Roboware develops KIMI and KIBOT educational home service robot. Here demonstrating their new mass market Android powered Android robot.

Woddon Industrial shows remote controlled tank, helicopter, quad-copter, cars and more at CES 2013

Posted by – January 14, 2013

They even have a sub-$100 retail-price Sphero-like remote controlled ball.

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 launched

Posted by – January 13, 2013

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 turns your LEGO creations into live robots that follow your command. The new LEGO Mindstorms EV3 set includes new motors, new sensors, new programmable brick that runs hackable Linux on a Texas Instruments AM1808 ARM9 processor (upgraded from ARM7 in the previous mindstorms), 550+ LEGO Technic elements, remote control – to create and command robots, including 5 cool robot characters. The 3D building instructions and the Android/iOS app commands your robot via Bluetooth or WiFi. You can program your robots to walk, talk, move via the software program, the programmable brick or your smart device. Download brochure.

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 wi-fi quadricopter

Posted by – January 10, 2013

French Parrot may be one of the worlds top drone companies. These are fun, steady, include 720p camera, can be remote controlled and do stuff over WiFi.

Sphero by Orbotix at LeWeb 2012

Posted by – December 9, 2012

Check out this awesome remote controlled sphero ball. It’s now being sold for $129, but with mass manufacturing, the price can come down.

Team Blacksheep quad-copter drone

Posted by – December 5, 2012

Swiss Team Black Sheep shows their quad-copter drone, does 1080p aerial video.

Check out their video filmed in New York:

and in London:

and their keynote at LeWeb also featuring footage from their airplane:

Sphero smartphone/tablet remote controlled Bluetooth ball

Posted by – November 2, 2012

Check out this cool looking ball that rolls around for an hour on a battery, can be remote controlled using any Android/iOS smartphone and tablet using Bluetooth.