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Willem Horst at Lift 2008

Posted by – February 14, 2008

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Nicolas Dengler – at Lift 2008

Posted by – February 14, 2008

Mixin is a system that connects to existing social networks, instant messaging, email to pull out information about activities that users plan to have or want to have in the future, and then hooking those users up with their friends, their nabours or with the general public to thus meet-up with people in real life. This could change the way people meet-up to do sports, study, work and have fun.

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Catherine Nivez and Catherine Lottier at Lift 2008

Posted by – February 14, 2008

They are journalists from french news media Europe1 and Canal+ and they give us their opinion about the OLPC XO laptop.

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Heewon Kim at Lift 2008

Posted by – February 14, 2008

Heewon Kim addresses the trends in web usage in South Korea, and focuses in particular on how teenagers use social software in the world’s most wired country. Check her full keynote speech at

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