Qualcomm X Elite runs AI Models offline on Laptop, Smartphone

Posted by – February 2, 2024
Category: Laptops, Qualcomm

At CES 2024, Qualcomm showcased the cutting-edge Qualcomm X Elite prototype laptop, with senior product marketing manager at Qualcomm. Watch all my videos from CES 2024 here. Although the commercial release of devices equipped with this technology is anticipated later in the year, the live demonstration sought to underscore its remarkable performance superiority over Apple devices. The X Elite was presented as a formidable contender, with a special focus on its capabilities for running generative AI applications offline, a noteworthy feature that sets it apart in the tech landscape. During the demonstration, Olavario introduced a chat application called Llama, showcasing its impressive speed and efficiency as it processed user queries offline using a 7 billion parameter model. While comparisons with GPT-3 were made, the emphasis was on the X Elite’s optimization for on-device operations, making it a unique offering in terms of power efficiency and speed. The presenter went on to address the concerns about the differentiation between AI-generated and human-generated content, acknowledging the importance of continually evolving AI models to generate distinctive and personalized outputs. The discussion also delved into the advantages of running AI models on devices, particularly privacy and the ability to keep user data localized. The potential for pre-loading models on X Elite devices was explored, hinting at the prospect of expediting updates and optimizations. This capability, as demonstrated, could potentially eliminate the need for expensive cloud-based solutions and provide a more cost-effective alternative. A forward-looking perspective was presented, envisioning a future where AI would automate various tasks. This included the intriguing possibility of the X Elite handling tasks such as file compression, utilizing Crazy Fast 5G for quicker uploads, and autonomously crafting video descriptions and selecting thumbnails for YouTube videos. The idea of open-sourcing AI models was also discussed, suggesting a collaborative approach to optimization and future developments in AI technology. The presentation extended beyond chat applications to showcase stable diffusion for image generation, further highlighting the device’s creative potential. The rapid generation of diverse images, from a tiger on the moon to a red cat, illustrated the X Elite’s versatility and proficiency in handling a variety of tasks. Additionally, the conversation touched upon the adaptability of AI workloads on Qualcomm chips, emphasizing the flexibility to run models on NPUs, CPUs, or GPUs. The discussion concluded with a glimpse into Qualcomm’s role in the automotive sector, showcasing the Snapdragon concept car at the CES 2024 automotive area. The concept car serves as a tangible representation of the possibilities unlocked by Snapdragon technology in the automotive industry, showcasing its potential applications beyond personal computing devices. Description by Chatgpt.