Elka HDMI and Type C Cables at Computex

Posted by – November 16, 2023

Richard, a representative from Elka, who presents the company’s latest product, a Type C to HDMI cable that supports AK (8K) resolution. Elka not only offers HDMI solutions but also provides travel sets containing Type C and HDMI cables for customer convenience during travel or meetings.

The product is described as stable, equipped with a high-quality chipset, and supports various interfaces, including SD cards, USB ports, and HDMI ports, with high bandwidth, specifically HDMI 2.1. The cable supports up to 8K resolution at 2 Gbps.

Elka also offers USB4 C2C cables, supporting Gen 2 speeds and delivering up to 240 Watts of power, compliant with PD 3.1 and DP alternate mode. This cable enables high-speed data transfer, 8K video transmission, and power delivery. The discussion touches upon USB standards and their potential use in electric bike and scooter charging.

The video emphasizes Elka’s expertise in cable assembly, offering OEM products and projects without a proprietary brand. They accommodate orders of varying quantities, emphasizing their ability to provide a wide range of interfaces to satisfy customer needs.

While Elka’s cables are not yet USB-IF certified, they are ready for testing when certification requirements are finalized. The video then introduces a 200-watt wall charger designed for charging laptops, phones, and other devices, supporting four simultaneous device connections.

Elka’s bundle business with Walmart includes wall chargers and Type C or C2 lightning cables. The company is based in Taiwan, with headquarters and research and development in Taiwan, along with factories in China and Malaysia. They engage in R&D collaboration with associations like HDMI, USB, and DP, focusing on electrical engineering to address signal and problem-solving needs for OEM customers.

Elka, founded in 1974, began as a trading company and has since evolved into a global business. They mainly serve the USA and Europe markets, specializing in sourcing materials and selling products abroad. The video then highlights the importance of HDMI 2.1 for 8K displays and the need for compatibility and performance standards for cables in events like Computex 2023. It mentions the role of HDMI Licensing Administrator in ensuring stable performance and no interference with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The video provides insights into Elka’s product offerings, cable assembly expertise, and its role in the evolving landscape of high-resolution displays and connectivity standards.