AEE self-driving scooter, snow scooter, powered surfboard, selfie-drone, scooter dashcam & more

Posted by – October 12, 2023
Category: Exclusive videos

AEE shows some very innovative scooters and drones at China Sourcing Fair, Global Sources Consumer Electronics Fair in Hong Kong, William, Italian, in Shenzhen since 2017 and the General Manager of AEE Technology. William presents AEE’s latest technology in AI solutions for camera scooters. The company, originally a drone manufacturer, has expanded its expertise to introduce these innovative devices.

One notable gadget showcased is the Air Selfie, a compact drone that can fit in a pocket and is powered by an ST power bank. The drone can be launched from the palm of your hand and is designed for selfie enthusiasts, as it recognizes faces and follows the user, providing a unique AI-enhanced experience.

Another product highlighted is the AI-enabled scooter with a built-in dash cam. This dash cam automatically records when the scooter is powered on, storing footage on a micro SD card for potential evidence in the case of accidents. The video outlines how this technology benefits riders and can be accessed for various purposes.

The conversation then turns to AEE’s cooperation with prestigious companies like Lamborghini and Ducati, as they bring innovation to the scooter industry. The video further explores the concept of a stand-up paddleboard with an integrated motor, offering a new approach to watersports.

The discussion delves into other intriguing topics, such as the potential for live streaming from the scooters, enhancing the user’s social media experience. The concept of multiple cameras and high-quality microphones for personalized live streaming is explored. Additionally, a security feature is discussed, ensuring the privacy and protection of video files on the scooters.

William has over a decade of experience in the field of mobility and expresses confidence in the company’s dedication to innovation. He believes that AI will play a pivotal role in enhancing the safety and functionality of these products.

This video interview showcases the potential for advanced AI technology in personal transportation and recreational devices, demonstrating AE Technology’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for today’s consumers.