1-minute Battery Swapping now all over China

Posted by – October 5, 2023
Category: Exclusive videos

This is the future of EVs, just drive in and swap the EV battery in about 1 minute. All EVs should implement this standard, as that will dramatically decrease the upfront EV pricing.

A $45K Tesla Model 3 becomes a $30K Tesla Model 3, where you then have to pay about $50 or $75 per month to rent your standard basic range 250km (150-mile) battery, then when you decide to go on a road trip, at all highway entrances would be 1-minute battery swap stations where you can swap to a 500km (300-mile) battery for an upgrade fee of about $2-3 per day.

Then in the near future as new higher capacity batteries become available, and as new lower cost 150-mile batteries become available, you can then swap to even larger range batteries or decrease the monthly rental of your basic 250km (150-mile) battery.

That would also solve range anxiety. It makes the low cost $20K Tesla a definite possibility. It allows for Tesla to manufacture 2x more EVs overnight. Battery Swapping is also a crucial feature for self-driving robotaxis too as those need to drive around 24 hours a day and not stay parked for hours to recharge.