ams OSRAM at MWC 2023 Shanghai Automotive Innovations, Advanced Lighting and Sensing Technology

Posted by – August 19, 2023
Category: Exclusive videos

Tour of ams OSRAM Booth at MWC Shanghai 2023, where automotive technology takes center stage. The intricate wall setup serves as the epicenter of their key application, focusing on automotive innovations. The spokesperson from ams OSRAM elaborates on the two primary directions they’ve taken: one catering to light sources and the other to sensing technologies. This comprehensive approach brings together car models and applications, particularly in the realm of mapping.

The interviewee delves into the significance of light sources, emphasizing the distinct applications denoted by the green and blue lights on display. Green lights symbolize light sources, while blue lights relate to sensing mechanisms. What’s intriguing is their merging in specific instances, represented by dual-colored lights, creating a combined system for improved functionality.

ams OSRAM’s role in the automotive landscape extends to battery management. They offer superior performance components for battery pack management, focusing on current, voltage, and temperature sensing. Such advancements enhance the safety and reliability of electric vehicle batteries, a feat that has garnered collaboration with key players in the industry.

The video goes on to showcase ams OSRAM’s involvement in various automotive sectors. One intriguing facet is their work with LCD backlighting, a crucial element in modern vehicle displays. The interviewee highlights how their LED lights, including mini LEDs, play a pivotal role in this aspect. Additionally, their role in creating ambiance within cars through LED lighting is highlighted, with a focus on comfort and communication between the car and its surroundings.

Intriguingly, ams OSRAM’s contributions aren’t limited to aesthetics. Their sensors extend to vital functionalities such as smoke detection, where their specialized sensors can differentiate between various smoke types. This extends to broader applications like pollution sensing and the potential for personalized messaging through lighting systems.

Furthermore, ams OSRAM’s innovations extend to diverse areas, including magnetic position sensors for steering wheels and chassis components. The interviewee showcases the depth of their product range, including functional lighting, windshield wiper sensors, and surface disinfection applications.

Another engaging segment features a laser-based Heads-Up Display (HUD) system. This compact innovation holds promise for integration into various devices, including mobile phones, enabling users to project information onto surfaces.

ams OSRAM’s commitment to innovation is evident through their demonstrations of light detection sensors, camera modules, and advanced gesture recognition technologies. Their global reach is apparent, with headquarters in Austria and Germany, and a strong presence in Shanghai.

Finally, the interview shifts to Barry from ams Ultra, who showcases their multi-zone time-of-flight sensor technology. This innovative approach allows users to perform gestures with precision, catering to devices like laptops and tablets. Additionally, he presents another product that employs their technology for gesture recognition in smartphones.

In this critical journalistic description, the intricacies and diverse applications of ams OSRAM’s innovative technologies are highlighted, showcasing their impact on the automotive and technology sectors. The various segments of the video shed light on their multifaceted contributions, offering viewers a comprehensive insight into their advancements.

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