Ambedded Technology: Ceph Storage with ARM Servers Software-Defined reducing cloud storage cost

Posted by – June 19, 2023

Ambedded Technology a leading innovator in safe storage solutions, provides insights into their groundbreaking approach. With a critical lens, delve into the company’s commitment to software-defined storage and their strategic use of the ARM server platform for energy-efficient operations.

Ambedded Technology introduces itself as a pioneering company dedicated to providing tanky solutions for safe storage. Focusing on software-defined storage, they have strategically chosen the ARM server platform, emphasizing energy-saving initiatives. By harnessing the power of ARM servers, Ambedded Technology not only ensures optimal performance but also addresses the pressing need for sustainable storage solutions.

When asked about their preference for working with ARM servers, the Ambedded representative expresses a strong affinity for the platform. They emphasize that the company has been steadfastly aligned with ARM servers from the very beginning. They firmly believe that data storage is of utmost importance, both in the present and the future. Recognizing the exponential growth in data volume, Ambedded Technology offers comprehensive storage solutions to meet the demands of individuals, enterprises, and data centers.

With the ever-increasing need for data retention and analysis, Ambedded Technology understands the importance of reliable and cost-efficient storage solutions. They acknowledge that storing vast amounts of data can quickly become prohibitively expensive for enterprises. To combat this challenge, Ambedded Technology has developed a remote, cost-efficient solution, making software-defined storage the cornerstone of their approach. This innovative storage system has become indispensable for enterprises, data centers, ISPs, and even rental markets.

Ambedded Technology proudly presents their groundbreaking open-source software-defined storage solution, known as Ambedded Self (AS). Over the past five years, AS has emerged as the leading software-defined storage deployment globally. It offers compatibility with multiple storage protocols, including block storage, file systems, and object storage. This versatility allows users to leverage a single equipment setup for various data storage protocols, offering unparalleled convenience and scalability. By seamlessly aggregating multiple servers, AS enables the creation of larger data pools, resulting in improved storage capacity and performance—a true testament to the power of software-defined storage.

However, Ambedded Technology recognizes that power consumption poses a critical challenge for data centers and hyper-scale facilities. In their relentless pursuit of a greener and more energy-efficient solution, they have chosen the ARM server platform. Specifically, they endorse the Ampere platform for its exceptional processing and computing capabilities, coupled with impressive energy-saving features. By implementing the Ampere platform, Ambedded Technology achieves power savings of up to 60-50% compared to conventional Intel platforms. This not only ensures high performance but also significantly reduces environmental impact, aligning with their commitment to sustainability.

When probed about partnerships, Ambedded reveals a collaboration with Gigabyte Computing for their Imperial server platform. Recognizing Gigabyte’s expertise in the ARM server space, Ambedded Technology focuses on software development and GUI management for safe storage. This strategic partnership enables them to leverage Gigabyte’s specialized knowledge while concentrating on their core competencies.

A closer look at Ambedded Technology’s product line reveals their in-house design, the Micro Server Architecture. This innovative architecture serves as the foundation for their self-storage appliance, delivering distributed storage capabilities. By designing a distributed hardware platform specifically tailored to run software-defined storage, Ambedded Technology ensures efficient and reliable performance. This Micro Server Architecture boasts independent Linux servers, each equipped with its own processing power, memory, and system disk. With all the essential software, including the safe storage and GUI management, integrated into each micro server, Ambedded Technology presents a seamlessly integrated and holistic storage.

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