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Posted by – June 14, 2023 launches its MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to accelerate AI safety and research. It is a user-driven and curated platform, consolidating different web services and a adding a transparent review layer – all this in a simple and clean interface. Athena, the planned virtual AI assistant, gets fine-tuned with the community-curated data, and will allow users a new way to interact with content. You can find trustworthy information and products in seconds, instead of months. trustedd aims to become a private and frictionless alternative to the apple and google ecosystem.

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Introducing Trustedd: A New Ecosystem Solving Misinformation and Scams | Join Our Community!

Welcome to their Computex launch with CEO and Founder Christof Wallner! In this video, they unveil Trustedd, a revolutionary ecosystem designed to address the prevailing issues of misinformation and scams. With the rapid advancement of AI, the problem of unreliable information has escalated. Current AI models, like Chat GPT, can be convincingly wrong due to their training solely on internet data. This is where Trustedd comes in, offering a new system for finding reliable information and connecting with trustworthy partners.

The internet is plagued with broken systems, making it difficult to find the right collaborators, services, or products for your projects. At trustedd, they aim to bring people together by providing reliable information and quality products in seconds. Their decentralized artificial general intelligence, Athena, plays a pivotal role in this ecosystem. Although Athena is still in development, she will be fine-tuned with data from their system, making her an AI assistant like no other.

One of the key features of trustedd is the ability for individuals and businesses to build a transparent Trusted Score. This score acts as a credibility track record, allowing users to evaluate the reliability of information and contributors. Unlike the current internet landscape, where anyone can write anything without proof, trustedd fosters a community-driven curation process. Users can rate articles, products, and services, providing valuable feedback and contributing to the overall trustedd Score.

Their platform is more than just a rating system. It’s a connected ecosystem where curated information, products, and services come together seamlessly. From AI tools to freelancers, you can explore a wide range of offerings. For example, they have over 1200 AI tools listed on their home page, and freelancers can showcase their services. You no longer have to spend months researching and investing substantial amounts of money to find the right partner for your project.

Unlike Google or LinkedIn, where search results are often influenced by SEO and large corporations, trustedd empowers individuals. Every user is an essential part of the ecosystem, and their voice and vote matter. With Athena as your guide, you can effortlessly connect with the right people and products aligned with your goals. Imagine stating your project requirements to Athena, and within seconds, she presents you with relevant posts, software, or service providers. trustedd makes project collaboration faster, easier, and more efficient.

But trustedd doesn’t stop there. They are committed to privacy and control. They plan to launch their own operating system based on OpenHarmony, which addresses the privacy concerns inherent in platforms like Android and iOS. With their multi-channel, multi-chain wallet integration, your data remains accessible only to you. Unlike tech giants like Google, who profit from your data, trustedd aims to create a fair and privacy-centric environment.

By joining trustedd, you become part of a community that values privacy, control, and a fairer future. They want to democratize access to information, giving every individual the opportunity to turn their dreams into reality. As they harness the power of AI and connect with the right people and products, they believe the possibilities are limitless. Together, we can shape a better future, where everyone’s voice counts and privacy is protected.

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