Avantama Perovskite Quantum Dots for QD-OLED, microLEDs, ink jet ink, photoresist, EHD ink

Posted by – May 31, 2023
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By using Avantama’s best in class perovskite quantum dots, a high-end monitor uses 25% less power than the commercial one. On the other hand, Avantama is presenting three different percolate QD inks for application in QD-OLED and future micro LEDs: ink jet ink, photoresist formulation and EHD ink (electrohydrodynamic printing). Material for a bright and efficient future

Samuel Halim, the CEO of Avantama, a Swiss-based materials company specializing in electronics. In this video, he is sharing their latest developments from the past few years.

Their focus has been on developing cutting-edge materials, particularly our exceptional Perovskite Quantum Dots. These Quantum dots are the best in their class for display applications, delivering unmatched performance. They offer pure colors, high efficiency, incredible brightness, and contribute to lower power consumption in displays.

In the video, he showcases a comparison between two displays. The left one is a commercial monitor equipped with mini LED backlight and a low cadmium cutie film. They replaced the cutie film with our own containing Perovskite Quantum dots and red KSF phosphor. Both monitors were set to the same brightness level, and their monitor consumed 25% less energy, resulting in an improved energy label from G to E. This makes their monitor compliant with the new EU regulations, while the original monitor falls short.

It’s essential for companies to prioritize better films for their displays instead of downgrading the overall quality. While using their films might be slightly more expensive initially, it pays off in the long run due to reduced power consumption, which often constitutes the largest cost.

They also delve into the technology behind our Perovskite Quantum dots, explaining how they offer the purest colors and highest efficiency. They’re currently showcasing our next-generation Quantum dot materials for QD OLED and QD micro LED applications. These materials can be applied using various methods, including inkjet printing and photorezist-based techniques, with impressive pixel resolutions and sizes.

He discusses the future of displays, particularly the exciting potential of micro LED technology. He expects to see bright, colorful micro LED displays in smartwatches and other devices. Quantum dots will play a crucial role in improving color accuracy, reducing energy consumption, and lowering costs.

As for printing, while their materials can be used for inkjet inks in theory, their focus remains on commercial applications. Display makers will utilize printing machines equipped with their components to produce high-quality displays.

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