Porotech at Display Week 2023 Pioneering Micro LED Technology for a Revolutionary Display Experience

Posted by – May 30, 2023
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Interview with Porotech CEO & Co-Founder Tongtong Zhu, a UK-based international company specializing in micro LED technologies. Their diverse range of offerings includes big displays, small displays, transparent displays, flexible displays, head-up displays, and AR applications. As a global design house for micro LED solutions, they cater to customers worldwide.

Today, they showcase one of their remarkable innovations: a flexible 27-inch micro LED display. This display utilizes RGB technology, with all colors emanating from a single material system called Indian gallium nitride. The result is exceptional color accuracy and image quality, thanks to the unified material system and high-resolution capabilities.

Moving on, let’s explore another impressive product in their lineup. Here we have a 1.27mm pitch transparent display, measuring 7.5 inches and boasting 34 PPI full color. This display employs mini LED technology on a TFT backplane, offering both transparency and high brightness suitable for outdoor applications.

At Porotech, they believe in democratizing access to their technologies. That’s why their reference designs are open for evaluation and testing, allowing customers to customize and tailor their platforms to their specific requirements and system specifications.

Now, let’s take a look at their booth where they proudly showcase their award-winning micro LED technology. They recently won the People’s Choice Award, a testament to the quality and innovation they bring to the market. Their all-in-one solution, known as the Rose, provides incredible brightness and vibrant colors. It utilizes three panels based on a single Indian gallium nitride material system, enabling a peak brightness of 1 million nits for outdoor applications. The unified material system ensures consistent optical and electrical characteristics, simplifying power management and consumption.

One question that often arises is whether their technology can revolutionize future smartphones, providing an exceptional full-table touch display experience. While their primary focus lies in IR applications, head-up displays, and wearables, they are open to exploring various application areas. Micro LED has the potential to open new doors and deliver exciting possibilities for different user cases.

In their wide portfolio, you’ll find a range of applications, from 0.12-inch monochrome displays to high-brightness AR glasses. They offer solutions with pure red, green, and blue applications based on indium gallium nitride, ensuring high brightness and efficiency. Their technology is ideal for AR glasses, offering compact and lightweight designs while delivering exceptional brightness.

Speaking of brightness, their micro LED displays can reach millions of nits for red, blue, and green colors. They are also launching 0.26 reference designs with blue, green, and red colors, boasting millions of nits brightness. These designs offer 720p resolution, enabling a wider content display and supporting future AR applications. Additionally, they provide dynamic pixel tuning for full-color resolution, allowing all colors to come from a single panel.

One of the key advantages of their technology is the ability to achieve all colors using just one LED. By providing reference designs and platform technology, they empower their customers to enhance and build upon their innovations according to their specifications.

Now, let’s delve into the technical details. Their 0.2-inch diagonal display boasts a 720p resolution, offering more than 5600 PPI pixel density. The pixel density is incredibly high, resulting in sharp and vibrant visuals. However, capturing the display’s brilliance on camera can be challenging due to its intense brightness. Nevertheless, rest assured that your sensor will be able to handle it without any issues.

As for mass production, their 0.26 reference designs are currently in production in Taiwan. They have an eight-inch production line that covers everything from material processing to pixel integration, CMOS integration, and light engine assembly. Their standardized process flow ensures consistent quality and enables efficient mass production.

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