OLED inventor Ching Wan Tang at Display Week 2023 talks about some latest OLED innovations happening

Posted by – May 25, 2023
Category: Exclusive videos

Ching Tang, the inventor of OLED, shares insights about his groundbreaking invention at Dispay Week 2023 He discusses how OLEDs have changed the world and expresses happiness in seeing his invention being widely used. He emphasizes that OLED’s success is a result of collaborative efforts involving his team, investors, and manufacturers. Ching Tang explains that OLED technology involves a switch from semiconductor crystalline material to organic amorphism material, which was a significant breakthrough. He mentions that OLED displays have improved over the years, surpassing his initial expectations. The conversation touches on the challenges of incorporating RGB pixels in organic-based displays and the potential for flexible OLEDs in the future. The video also briefly explores the history of OLED technology, including the role of shadow masking and advancements in OLED TVs. Ching Tang mentions LG as a pioneer in OLED TVs, and he highlights the significant investments required to build OLED manufacturing lines. He acknowledges that not everyone may need an OLED and discusses the potential for affordability and advancements in printing technology. The video concludes with Ching Tang preparing to explore the latest innovations at a display exhibition.

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